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  • Charged Up

     Grade 5


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    Program Description
    Fifth grade students become expert lab technicians as they suit up, in preparation to identify electrical conductivity and decipher properties from diverse elements. Later small teams engage independently to investigate mini-stations, while identifying thermal and electrical conductivity, as well as magnetic forces!


    Pre-Visit Materials
    Lesson Plan
    Post Visit Materials

    Next Generation Science Standards

    Performance Expectation 

    5-PS1-3 Make observations and measurements to identify materials based on their properties.

    Science and Engineering Practices

    Planning and Carrying Out Investigations

    Disciplinary Core Ideas

    Structure and Properties of Matter

     Cross Cutting Concepts

    Scale, Proportion and Quantity

     Maryland College and Career-Ready Standards (MD-CCRS)
    W.5.8 Recall relevant information from experiences or gather relevant information from print and digital sources; summarize or paraphrase information in notes and finish work.
    MP5 Use appropriate tools strategically
    MP6 Attend to precision
    MP8 Look for and make use of regularity in repeated reasoning