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    Who Is Eligible for Services

    studenmay be eligible foserviceif the anticipated absence iat leas20 consecutive schoodays and the student’s inability to attend schoois verified by a medical practitioner.

    • ·      Physical conditions must be verified by a licensed physician or a certified nurse practitioner.
    • ·      Emotional conditions must be verified by a licensed psychiatrist or psychologist.

    Educational placemenin the home, foa studenwith an emotional condition,may noexceed 60days.

    A student’s home may not be used as an instructional settinfoa student with a disability whis awaiting placement in non-public special school or a change in placement.  

    School-based accommodationmust firsbe explored and exhausted prioto consideratiofoHome anHospital Teachinsupport.

    Students are expected to attenschool to the fullesextenpossible.