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    Sixth Grade students will participate in World Cultures and Geography I, where they will be exposed to the cultures and geography of peoples in Latin America and the U.S. and Canada (Western hemisphere).  Also, sixth grade students will discover the Foundations of Geography.  

    Seventh Grade students will participate in World Cultures and Geography II, which consists of the study of the Eastern hemisphere.  Students will discover the conception of civilizations and what the first civilizations were like in the Eastern hemisphere.  The regions being studied will be Europe and Russia; Southwest and Central Asia; Asia and the Pacific; Africa; and Asia. 

    Eighth Grade students will participate in U.S. History I, where students will explore the beginnings of the “Americas” to the Reconstruction period after the Civil War.  Instruction will begin with the theories of how people stumbled upon these lands until the moral and ethical issues raised by slavery, resulting in the Civil War. 

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    Brief Description

    Grade Percentage

    Per Quarter

    Class Work

    Includes all work begun and/or completed in class, including:

    • Essays

    • Student journals (Cornell Notes)

    • Class discussions

    • Group/cooperative activities

    •  Participation

    • Other tasks as assigned



    Includes all work completed outside of the class setting


    • Readings and/or related tasks

    • Student Journals (Cornell Notes)

    • Other tasks as assigned



    Assessments (formative and summative) may be written, oral, and performance based.

    • Unit assessments

    • Other tests and quizzes

    • Research and/or projects

    • Oral presentations