• School Rules & Regulations

    School Rules and Regulations
    School Expectations 
    In order that our school will have an environment where teachers can teach and students can learn, it is essential that students adhere to the following general guidelines: 
    • Exhibit proper conduct at school and all school sponsored events. This means no horseplay, fighting, loud talking, etc.
    • Obtain appropriate permission and documentation to leave school grounds for any reason.
    • Leave all radios, tape/CD players, video games, pagers or cellular phones at home.
    • Wear appropriate attire for school. You must follow the ARA Student Dress Code at all times.
    • Remember that the Prince George's County Board of Education Code of Student Conduct is in effect at all times and at all school activities. 
    All students are required by Prince George’s County Public Schools Policy to wear a picture identification badge while in school.  All students (Grade 9 to 12) will be issued student identification badge appended to a bread-a-way chain and must be worn around student’s neck.  This ID badge must be worn by each student throughout the school day.  A high school student in Prince George’s County who withdraws or transfers from school will have his/hers student identification badge collected as part of the withdrawal procedure.  ID badges are a security issue and students in violation of this policy will be subjected to disciplinary actions.  Writing on or adding a sticker to the ID Badge is considered vandalism.  If an ID badge is lost, students will be required to purchase a replacement ID.