• TAG Identification

    Tag Identification involves a balance of quantitative and qualitative measures following very specific procedures which include:

    • Global Testing – all students are tested in grades 1 and 3. Students in grade 2 will take the Stanford 10 (SAT10) in preparation for identification in 3rd grade. Students may also be nominated in grades 2 and 4 through 7.  
    • Multiple criteria – selection for the TAG program is based on the assessment of a variety of quantitative and qualitative measures which are aligned to meet the National Association of Gifted Children Exemplary Standards.
    • Committee Recommendation – a group of school-based professional educators analyze all appropriate data regarding placement recommendations.  The TAG Supervisor or Specialist reviews, approves, processes, and codes TAG-identified students.
    • Re-screening – yearly, TAG re-screens are initiated and monitored by the TAG Office.  Students with qualifying test data who do not qualify in other areas are recommended for re-screening later that year or the first quarter of the next school year. 

    TAG Nominations

    The deadline to nominate students to be screened for TAG is: September 15, 2017.  

    Who can be nominated? 
    Students in 2nd, 4th and 5th Grade can be nominated for TAG Screening/Identification.  All 1st and 3rd Grade students will take the OLSAT test this year (1st Grade in October and 3rd Grade in November), so they cannot be nominated during this grade level (only by OLSAT test scores).

    Who can nominate students? 
    ANYONE!! Students can be nominated by a teacher, another student, a parent, and students can even nominate themselves!

    How do I nominate a student?
    Write a letter and submit it the TAG Coordinator.  A written letter with a signature is required (you can type the letter...but sign it, please).  

    I've nominated a student, what happens next? 
    Step 1 - The TAG Coordinator will determine if there is an OLSAT Score available to use for screening.  The 1st Grade OLSAT score will be used for 2nd Graders and the 3rd Grade OLSAT Scores will be used for 4th and 5th Graders.  OLSAT scores are valid for two years. If the student does not have an OLSAT score, an off-level OLSAT test will be given to the students. (If the student did complete the test in 1st and/or 3rd grade, he/she can not be retested) 
    Step 2 - For 2nd Graders: The TAG Coordinator will use the student's most current grades, a teacher checklist, and the OLSAT score to determine the student's eligibility. For 4th and 5th Graders: The TAG Coordinator will use the student's most current grades, their most current OLSAT scores and/or SAT 10 scores, and a teacher checklist.

    How long will this process take? 
    The amount of time it takes depends on when the nomination is received and if off-level testing needs to be done.  Then the TAG office has to approve the identification process.  It can take approximately 3-10 weeks. 

    If you have any other questions concerning TAG Nominations, please contact the TAG Coordinator by calling the main school telephone number - 301.513.5911 - or by email gbeltes@pgcps.org

    OLSAT Testing Information


    Greenbelt Elementary School will administer the Otis-Lennon Test (OLSAT) to 1st and 3rd grade students this school year. The purpose of this test is to help identify Talented and Gifted students.  Please see the dates below. 

     1st Grade Testing Dates:     

     3rd Grade Testing Dates:     

    Websites about the OLSAT

    This link provides six OLSAT practice questions. OLSAT Practice questions

    By clicking on this link you will find information about the OLSAT...what it is, what the levels mean and  how to prepare for the test. What is the OLSAT? 

     This article will help parents understand even more about the OLSAT test and how to help parents  teach their children reasoning skills. How Parents Can Put to Use Scores from the OLSAT

    By clicking on this link you can gain a  more detailed understanding of what skills the OLSAT is testing. What Skills are Assessed by the OLSAT

    This website offers online test practice for the OLSAT...but there is a subscription fee (I do not know  any families who have used it, but I found it and though it would be interesting to share). Online Test Prep for OLSAT


     Other Information about OLSAT Testing

    ALL students in 1st and 3rd Grade will take the OLSAT (even the already identified TAG students in 3rd Grade).  The 3rd grade TAG student's OLSAT score, at this time, will not affect his/her TAG status.  If students in grades 2nd, 4th or 5th have not taken the 1st or 3rd grade OLSAT, please contact Ms. Blackman so that an off level OLSAT Test can be given. 


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    Lottery for TAG Centers
    Interested parents may apply to TAG Center Programs through the lottery. Check back in the spring for the lottery deadline.  Applications are available from the school office or online at www.pgcps.org.