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    Heather Porterfield
     Assistant Principal:
    Dr. Freda Ingram


    6700 Glenn Dale Road
    Glenn Dale, MD 20769
    Office  (301) 805-2750

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    Grades: K-5 

    Uniform: Mandatory 

    Before After Care:
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    School Colors: Green and Blue

    School Mascot: Gator

    Hours: 7:45am to 1:55pm 

  • For Visitors to the Building

    • Classroom Visit: A pre-arranged visit with the principal in the classroom by the parents/guardians of current students or educational advocates of current students with disabilities. 
    • Classroom Observation: An observation by an individual, an advocate or group interested in observing a specific class or program pre arranged with the principal through the Office of the Chief Academic Officer. 
    • Conference: A pre-arranged meeting by the parents/guardians of current students or advocates of current students with disabilities with the classroom teacher(s), principal and/or other staff. 
    • Visitor: A person (not a student of the school or an identified employee or volunteer of PGCPS on official business) who has legitimate school business, to include, but not limited to: parent-teacher conferences, pre-arranged classroom visits, pre-arranged classroom observation, attendance at other school events or appointments with school employees.
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    What's happening at Glenn Dale Elementary School

    School Based Budget Survey

    Dear Parents and Guardians,

    Prince George’s County Public Schools is committed to providing a safe and supportive environment for all students. To this end, we want to make you aware of a potentially dangerous internet trend targeting young children called the “Momo challenge.”

    When using Whatsapp and YouTube, a scary avatar named Momo interrupts videos and challenges children to complete a series of bizarre and potentially dangerous tasks and upload evidence they were completed. On the final day of the challenge, children are encouraged to win the game by committing suicide. Children are threatened throughout the challenge with harm or sharing their personal information online if they do not complete the tasks.

    We are partnering with families to raise awareness. Please discuss the challenge with your child. Assure them the challenge is not real and they cannot be hurt by “Momo.” Use online safety practices that include not accepting invitations from strangers or taking part in anonymous challenges. We encourage you to allow electronic device usage in shared family spaces. Please monitor your child’s social media accounts and online activities, and install parental controls and filters.

    If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at 301-805-2750.

    Thank you for your continued support of Glenn Dale Elementary School.


    Heather A. Porterfield, Principal

    Kindergarten Registration

    Stem Fair Student Journal for Science Fair

    5th Grade Students will take the MISA- Maryland Integrated Science Assessments on March 12, 19, 20,& 21st

    5th Grade Camp Schmidt Trip March 27 & 28th





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    Our vision


     In partnership with our families and community, we are a GREAT school that provides an education that ensures every student graduates college and career ready.  

    Our mission

     The mission of GLENN DALE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL is to empower life long learners who will contribute to a thriving community. 




    Certified Maryland Green School

     Green School  

      Can't  hide  that  Gator  Pride

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    • Lost and Found

      Dear Parents,

      The Lost and Found container is overflowing with coats, hats, sweaters and various other items that urgently need claimed as Glenn Dale does not have storage for the items. Please come by the school anytime during the school day to view items or on Tuesday, January 8th from 2:30-6:30, to claim any item that is your students. The items will be on display one more time during the next PTA meeting on Tuesday, January 15th from 6:00-7:30. Any remaining items will be donated to charity on January 18, 2019.  
      If you come during the day, be sure to bring your Identification with you. 
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