• Uniform Policy

    Fort Washington Forest Elementary School
    Uniform Dress Code

        Below you will find the official dress code for our school.  School uniform clothing items and shoes may be purchased at the following: Wal-Mart, K-Mart, Target, JC Penny's, Sears, military exchanges, most area shoe departments, discount stores and local uniform shops.

        Fort Washington Forest Elementary adopted a mandatory uniform dress code which was implemented
    the first day of the 2002-2003 school year. All students are expected to wear school uniforms to school every day. Please note that students will be expected to come to school with attention given to personal cleanliness, grooming and neatness of dress. A committee of parents, teachers, and students developed the Uniform Dress Code. It will be strictly enforced during the school year.  Please contact the school if you need the procedures and exceptions regarding legitimate religious attire.


    There will be NO regularly scheduled non-uniform days.  The only exception would be for a special activity such as performances held during the school day that would require the students to wear clothing other than the uniform or as incentives that have been earned.  If students will be allowed
    to wear clothing other than the uniform for any reason, a letter will come home to the parents prior to the scheduled date.  In this instance, students would be required to abide by the dress code of Prince George's County Public School as outlined below.

    Below you will find the Official Uniform Dress Code for our school.
     Light Blue Collared Short or long-sleeve Blouse/Shirt or Turtleneck (no logos) Light Blue Collared Short or Long-sleeve Dress Shirt or Turtleneck (no logos)
     Light Blue Polo Style Blouse/Shirt (no logos) Light Blue Polo Style Shirt (no logos)
    Navy Blue Jumper (no navy blue dresses and logos)  Navy Blue Pants (no logos)
    Navy Blue Dress Shorts (no logos) Navy Blue Dress Shorts (no logos)
    Navy Blue Pants (no logos) White, Blue or Black Socks (no logos)
    White, Blue or Black Socks or tights(no logos) Black Soft Sole Shoes (no logos)
    Black soft sole shoes (no logos) Navy Blue Tie (optional)
    White, Light Blue, Navy Blue  Sweaters or Vest   White, Light Blue, Navy Blue  Sweaters or Vest 
    Plain black belt ONLY Plain black belt ONLY
    Earrings NOT larger than a quarter  

    *Boys and girls shirts MUST be tucked in at ALL times*
    **Absolutely No Denim Jeans**


    If any student is in violation of the uniform policy, the following steps will be taken:
    1. The classroom teacher will contact the parent/guardians and inform the principal.
    2. The classroom teacher will refer the student to the principal,who will contact the parents/guardians by telephone and in writing that a second violation has occurred.
    3. The principal will send a letter to the parents/guardians that a third violation has occurred.
    4. The school administration arranges a parent/guardian conference and reiterates his parameters of the policy and the consequences of the future.