Supply List

Wise Owls 2018 - 2019 Supply List

Parents,  please write your child’s name on all supplies with a permanent marker.  Supplies must be at school everyday and student should have a calculator available for use at home.  Also, please check quarterly to ensure that your child has the supplies needed for school.  Book Bags/ Back Packs with Wheels are not allowed!

Pre K


1st Grade 

2nd Grade

Absolutely No Pencil Boxes

2  composition notebooks (primary) 

 2-pocket folders 

Change of clothes in a ziploc bag (labeled with student name) to keep in locker (set should include socks, pants, shirt & underwear) 

2 packages of large primary pencils with erasers (beginners) 

2 boxes primary crayons

3 glue sticks or 3-4oz. bottles of glue 

1 bottle of hand soap

1 roll of paper towels

clorox wipes


No Pencil Sharpeners or Pencil Boxes

4 primary composition notebooks

glue sticks (no bottled glue)

2 plastic folders with prongs


change of clothes in ziploc bag (labeled with student name) 

dry erase markers 

2 boxes of dozen pencils #2 

1 pair of safety scissors


box of tissues

hand sanitizer



4 composition notebooks 

2 primary composition books

2 1" binders with plastic cover

1 bookbag

1 pencil bag (no pencil boxes)

1 box of colored pencils 

1 pack of  #2 Pencils 

2 boxes of crayons 

2 highlighters 

1 pack erasers

2 folders

1 pack dry erase markers 

1 pack of colored markers

2 pair scissors

10 glue sticks

4 bottle of glue

1 pair of headphones



4 packages of wide ruled paper 

7 composition books 

6 plastic folders (1 red)

1 pack of crayons 

1 ruler

3 packs of number 2 pencils 

1 pack of colored pencils 

4 glue sticks 

1 pack of highlighters 

1 pair of scissors 

1 pencil bag (No Boxes) 

4 packs of dry erase markers 

 dry erase markers

 1 binder

 8 packs of post-it notes

 1 pack of white index cards

3rd Grade 

4th Grade 

5th Grade 

6th Grade

24 packs of #2 pencils 

1 box of crayons (24 count)

4 glue sticks

1 pair of scissors

1 pack of post it notes

2 highlighters

4 composition books

5 plastic pocket folders with 3 prongs (red, yellow, blue, orange & green)

1 pack of wide ruled loose leaf paper

4 expo dry eraser markers (low odor)

1 box Ziploc bags (gallon) - girls

1 box Ziploc bags (quart) - boys

1 pair of headphones 



6 composition notebooks

2 dry erase markers

clorox wipes

quart size Ziploc bags

2 folders

3 packs of pencils

pencil sharpener


color pencils

elmer glue



pack of notebook paper  


2 packs of #2 wooden pencils

4 pocket folders

1 three hole pencil pouch

1 pack 3x5 index cards (white)

1 book bag (must fit in locker)

8 composition books (four for each semester)

1 pack of colored pencils

1 pack of  highlighters

3 packs of loose leaf ruled paper

1 pack blue or black pens

1 pack red pens

1 pack glue sticks

1 pocket dictionary (for home)

1 pocket thesaurus (for home)

1 pack of post it notes


1 three-inch ring binder with dividers 

5 Packs of #2 Wooden or mechanical pencils (mechanical pencils preferred with lead refills) 

8 Pocket folders 

1 three-hole pencil pouch 

1 book bag (able to fit into the locker) 

4 composition notebooks(no spirals, please) 100 pages

1 combination lock

colored pencils and crayons 

washable markers (optional) 

5 packs of loose leaf ruled paper 

1 pack glue sticks 

2 pack of post-it notes (sticky notes) 



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