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    "The Beacon of the South"

    Message From the Principal


    June 17, 2017

    Dear Parents,

    June is ending and summer is beginning. Thank you for another great year at Flintstone Elementary School.

    This month was full of goodbyes and celebrations. We had wonderful promotional ceremonies for both our 5th and 6th Grade classes. We wish our students the best of luck next year. They will be greatly missed! A special thanks to our fifth and sixth grade teachers, Mrs. James, Ms. Johnston, Ms. Misenko, Ms. Crusor and Ms. Stewart; and a special thanks to Ms. Kennedy for rearranging her schedule to help with our music and songs. I am VERY lucky to have such dedicated, passionate individuals.

    We would also like to thank all of the individuals, offices and organizations that partnered with Flintstone Elementary throughout the school year.  Special thanks go to Sassy But Class women’s bowling league, Forest Heights Baptist Church, Prince George’s County Police Department and Flintstone’s PTA.  Everyone’s continued support has allowed us to provide vital resources to the students and families that we service. 

    Summer is a time of relaxation, friends, family and vacation; however, that does not mean that learning should cease. Young students who don’t continue to read over the summer — especially those who are below-grade-level or at-risk — are likely to lose crucial ground or even digress. Research suggests that children who read over the summer maintain the level of reading skills they achieved during the preceding school year. Here are some suggestions for keeping students academically engaged during the summer.

    Students can still access iReady throughout the summer.  Have students practice both Reading and Math on iReady at least 30 minutes a day.

    Read a book with your children.  This activity will help stress the importance of reading.

    Have students practice their math skills while out shopping.  They could practice counting, adding, subtracting, finding percentages, estimating and rounding. 

    Students can practice their mapping skills as they provide you with directions.  These directions can be how to get around in the neighborhood, where to find things in the grocery story or how to get to the free museums in our nation’s capital via Metro. 

    Visit your public library and take advantage of story time. (Did you know that every Prince George’s County student already has a library card? Just go to the branch and activate it.

    Utilize the summer packet created by Prince George’s County Public Schools.  These can be found on the Prince George’s County website. 


    Please enjoy your time with friends, family and loved ones.  Over the summer, should you have any suggestions on how to help make Flintstone Elementary School “The Beacon of the South”, please feel free to email be at brandi.mitchell@pgcps.org. Enjoy the summer days ahead and we will see you on September 6th!


    Brandi Stinson, Principal