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    Last Name

    First Name









    Adebusola  Kingsley        kadebusola@hillside.com  Tutor  Hillside  
     Alamu Olusola   olusola.alamu@pgcps.org  Paraprofessional  Special Education
    Alamu Victoria   victoria.alamu@pgcps.org  Paraprofessional Special Education 
     Anderson  Kendrick  kanders@pgcps.org Teacher  Business





      Social Studies   






    Baking  Roma   roma.duque@pgcps.org   Teacher Special Education
    Benett Ernest ernest.bennett@pgcps.org   Security Team
    Bernardo  Mozarella mozarella.bernardo@pgcps.org   Teacher  Special Education 
    Blair  Leslie   leslie.blair@pgcps.org Paraprofessional  Special Education 
     Bland D'Netra dnetra.bland@pgcps.org Teacher Technology Dept. Chair
    Briones  Sally     sally.briones@pgcps.org Teacher    Mathematics  
    Broadnax  Madeline madeline.broadnax@pgcps.org   Teacher English  
    Brown India   india.brown@maryland.gov Community Resource
     Support Personnel
    Brown Wesley wesley.brown@pgcps.org  Assistant Principal   Administration
    Buoy Brenda buoy.brenda@pgcps.org Nurse Health Suite
    Byrd  Margaret margaret.byrd@pgcps.org  Teacher   Mathematics











     Campbell Michelle michelle2.campbell@pgcps.org   Acting Wing      Coordinator  Special Education  
    Carneal  Stuart stuart.carneal@pgcps.org    Security Team 
    Castaneda  Ruzzell   ruzzel.castaneda@pgcps.org  Teacher   Social Studies
    Cleveland  TaNisha     tanisha.cleveland@pgcps.org    YCC/IT
    Clarke  Ralph ralph.clarke@pgcps.org   Paraprofessional Special Education 
    Cody Stephen      stephen.cody@pgcps.org  Teacher English
     Connell-Albert  Yvette  yvette.connellalbert@pgcps.org  Teacher  Science





      English Dept. Chair

    Couther  Edward  edward.couther@pgcps.org  Teacher   Science




     Master Scheduler


    Crawford George georgecrawford@pgcps.org  Teacher Art Dept. Chair
    Crayton-Johnson Vivian vivia.craytonjohnson@pgcps.org  Teacher English






    D'Abreau Ralph  ralph.dabreau@pgcps.org Paraprofessional  Special Education 
     Davies  Jennifer jennifer.davies@pgcps.org Teacher   Technology
     Delacruz  Ofelia  ofelia.delacruz@pgcps.org    Teacher Mathematics 






    Edwards Donna  donna3.edwards@pgcps.org  Professional School Counselor  Guidance 
    Elvis Farissa farissa.elvis@pgcps.org  Teacher IT
    Emanuel Monique monique.emanuel@pgcps.org   Professional School Counselor Guidance 
    Farmer Lawrence lawrence.farmer@pgcps.org  Teacher  Instrumental Music Chair
    Felix Hatiti hatiti.felix@pgcps.org SAC Coordinator Support Personnel
    Flagg Kerry kerry.flagg@pgcps.org  Teacher English
    Formoso Michael  michael.formoso@pgcps.org  Paraprofessional  Special Education 





      World Languages Chair   

    Frazier Demonn demonn.frazier@pgcps.org Building Engineer Building Services






    Garcia  Nelva nelva.garcia@pgcps.org   Paraprofessional  Special Education 
    Gordon Ashquinn ashquinn.gordon@pgcps.org  Teacher   Mathematics  
    Green Yvette  yvette.green@pgcps.org  IT Specialist   IT






    Harris Wanda wanda2.harris@pgcps.org    Security Team 
    Hasty Chris  christopher.hasty@pgcps.org  Auditorium Technician  Support Personnel 
    Hobbs Ieshia ieshia.hobbs@pgcps.org  Principal's Secretary  Support Personnel





      Social Studies  

     Hurley Tony tony.hurley@pgcps.org  Building Supervisor Building     Services






    Jayakar Gift gift.jayakar@pgcps.org  Teacher Work Study & Science
    Johnson Carl    carl.johnson@pgcps.org Paraprofessional  Special Education 
    Johnson Divante divante.johnson@pgcps.org ISEA 
     Johnson  Pamela pamela5.johnson@pgcps.org  Teacher   Mathematics 





      Physical Education Chair 






     Khemraj   Carlotta   carlotta.khemrag@pgcps.org  Teacher Art  






         Lashley          Torrie           torrie.lashley@pgcps.org  Teacher                  Health/Athletic Director
         Lazaro    Christina          christina.lazaro@pgcps.org  Teacher                   Mathematics
    Lea Kathleen kathleen.lea@pgcps.org  Teacher Science
    Little Marie marie.little@pgcps.org  Financial Secretary   Accounting
    Lyon  Shawnti shawntilyon@gmail.com   Teacher  English 




     Professional School Counselor


    McCoy-Hill Sho Shauna  shoshauna.mccoyhill@pgcps.org  Teacher English
     McDade  Erica  erica.moore@pgcps.org   Assistant Principal  Administration
    McMillan Marc marquial.mcmillan@pgcps.org   Teacher  English  
    Drama Chair
    Melton  Berlinda  berlinda.melton@pgcps.org  Paraprofessional  Special Education 






    Nelson  Andrea   andrea.nelson@pgcps.org  Teacher Mathematics  











    Osuji-Kelly  Janel janel.osujikelly  Paraprofessional   Special Education






    Perry Clarke clarke.perry@pgcps.org    Special Education Coordinator
    Potts  Jessica jessica.potts@pgcps.org  Teacher   Dance/PE/Health











    Rallos  Honorato honorato.rallos@pgcps.org   Teacher  Special Education 
    Ramos Corina    corina.ramos@pgcps.org  Teacher  Spanish  





      Vocal Music Dept. Chair






    Santos Jude  jude.santos@pgcps.org    Teacher Special Education 
          Screws      Diedra      diedra.smallsscrews@pgcps.org  Assistant Principal         Administration
    Seymore      Eraena eraena.seymore@pgcps.org  Teacher Mathematics Chair
     Sookdeo Ashok ashok.sookdeo@pgcps.org  Teacher Science
    Spriggs  Johnyce  johnyce.spriggs@pgcps.org  Secretary  Guidance 
    Stewart  Jerrell jerrell.stewart@pgcps.org    Paraprofessional  Special Education











    Taylor  Andrea andrea.taylor@pgcps.org  Regional Nurse  CRI 
    Thomas Duane  duane2.thomas@pgcps.org  Army Instructor   JROTC





     Science Dept. Chair

    Tuckson Robin robin.tuckson@pgcps.org  Paraprofessional CRI
















            Walker          Torrie             torrie.walker@pgcps.org   Principal  Administration
    Weech  Jonathan jonathan.weech@pgcps.org   Teacher Social Studies 
    West Aliyah aliyah.west@pgcps.org  Teacher English
    Weston Jocelyn jocelyn.weston@pgcps.org  Pupil Personnel Worker Guidance




     Media Specialist


    White  Gwendolyn  gwendolyn.white@pgcps.org  Army Instructor JROTC  
       Williams Kevin  kevin3.williams@pgcps.org    Teacher Mathematics





      Business Dept. Chair

    Wooden Shonda shonda.wooden@pgcps.org  Teacher Science
    Woolfolk  Anneta ajackson@pgcps.org   Testing Coordinator Testing