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Principal Evaluation Data Overview

Table A:  SY 2015 Administrator Evaluation Professional Practice, Student Growth and Overall Ratings by Administrator Status:

 Principal Eval Data

The data in Table A and subsequent narrative are derived from the outcomes of the Administrator Evaluation for 514 staff for whom evaluation reports were generated in the spring of 2015.  As for instructional staff, Table 5 shows the breakdown of the ratings for Professional Practice, which constituted 50% of the evaluation score, for Student Growth Measures (which accounted for the remaining 50% of the evaluation score) and for the Overall Score.   The Overall Score was used for the Final Evaluation Rating officially given to school administrators.  Scores of 32.5 and 42.5 provided the demarcation between Ineffective, Effective, and Highly Effective ratings for both Professional Practice and Student Growth Measures.

The data show that nearly 30% of administrators were rated as Highly Effective in Professional Practice, with around 5% Ineffective. For Student Growth, nearly 20% of administrators were Highly Effective and nearly 25% were Ineffective. Overall evaluation ratings showed 17.2% were Highly Effective with 7.0% Ineffective.  In all measurement categories, Principals accounted for the greater proportion of Highly Effective ratings, while Other Administrators accounted for the preponderance of Ineffective ratings.  

Table B:  SY 2015 Administrator Professional Practice Mean Raw Score by Standard by Final Overall Rating

Administrator Professional Practice Data

Table B shows the breakdown of Professional Practice scores by standard.  Because the standards are not equally weighted in the calculations, administrators need to be aware of the differential impact on their evaluations. The data show very little distinction between the raw scores or the weighted scores obtained for each standard. 

Table C: SY 2015 Administrator Student Growth Evaluation Score by School Type, Measure, and Final Overall Rating

Principal Student Growth Data

The data in Table C provide information for the Student Growth metrics that were of great interest.  The breakdown is by high schools and other schools, owing to the differences in the weights (and consequent emphases) assigned to the respective elements of the Student Growth Measures (SGM) by school type.

As obtained for instructional staff, high school administrators were required to have a third SLO, predicated on State Assessment (HSA) data.  The data for those SLOs were generated at the central office.  For other schools, the removal of the State Assessment data from the administrator evaluation SGM led to a redistribution of the maximum values of the remaining metrics.  This resulted in a greater impact of the SLO outcomes for this group of administrators. College and Career Ready scores offer an area of challenge and will continue to be monitored for SY 2016.

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