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Principal Evaluation Model Explained

Professional Practice

For each indicator under professional practice, the evaluator assigns one to four points on the Evidence Collection Form for the 50% Professional Practice portion of the Principal Evaluation Tool. The number of points earned for each indicator within a standard is summed.  That sum is then multiplied by the weighting factor for the standard in order to calculate the number of points merited for the standard.  After calculating the points merited for each of Standards I - VIII, the points are summed for a total score, which will have a value between 12.5 and 50 points.  The effectiveness rating  for  the  50%  Professional  Practice  will  be:  Ineffective:  12.5  to  less  than  32.5  points; Effective: 32.5 to less than 42.5 points; Highly Effective: at least 42.5 points (up to 50 points).

Student Growth

For the 50% Student Growth portion of the Principal Evaluation tool, the metric is calculated by the Data Warehouse. The rating will be entered into the Data Warehouse and the algorithms will automatically multiply the value by the weighting factor to calculate the number of points  merited for that measure.  The points will be summed for a total score.  The effectiveness rating for the 50% Student Growth will be: Ineffective = 12.5 to less than 32.5 points; Effective = 32.5 to less than 42.5 points; Highly Effective = 42.5 points or more (up to 50 points). The overall effectiveness rating for professional practice and student growth combined will be: Ineffective = 25.0 to less than 65.0 points; Effective = at least 65.0 to less than 85.0 points; and Highly Effective = 85.0 or more (up to 100.0 points).

Principal Eval Model

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