• Senior Questionnaire


    Please answer the questions and statements below to help your School Counselor write your letter of recommendation so that the recommentation will truly reflect your qualities and accomplishments. 

    This form must be typed.

    What adjectives would you use to describe yourself?

    What do you consider your academic strengths and weaknesses?

    What are your personal strengths?

    What is your most important accomplishment and why are you proud of it?

    What do you consider most rewarding academic experience in high school? Why?

    What extracurricular activity have you been involved in school and outside of school?

    What extracurricular activity has meant the most to you? Why?

    Describe your leisure time activities and interests.

    How did you spend your summers during high school?

    What are your career goals and aspirations? Why?

    If you are in an internship and/or research practicum, briefly describe this experience.

    Tell something interesting or important about you that most teachers or students may not know about you.

    Do you feel that your academic record accurately reflects your ability? Are there any obstacles, events, or hardships that may have affected you in high school?

    Indicate the colleges, universities, technical or trade schools you are considering.

    Please feel free to elaborate and brag on any information that describes the “real you.”




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