• Biology

    Biology (1 credit)
    This class is part of the normal sequence of science courses for graduation and college preparation. This course includes a study of cells, biochemistry, ecology, genetics and evolution. Dissection may be included.

    No Prerequisites.

    Class Syllabus

    Microbiology (1/2 credit, single mod)
    Microbiology is a one semester advanced science course for students interested in preparing for laboratory experiences or for Research Practicum. Topics included are bacterial morphology, culturing, growth conditions, control, applications in industry, and immunity.

    Required coursework/Comments: Biology - Completed; B or better recommended or consult instructor.

    Class Syllabus

    AP Biology (1 credit, single mod)
    AP Biology is an advanced biology course that provides students with in-depth coverage of the basic concepts of life science. Topics include molecular and cellular biology, evolution and ecology, and organismal biology. Dissections may be included. The class requires a serious time commitment and a genuine interest in the subject. It is possible to earn college credit at the end of this course.

    Required coursework/Comments: Biology - Completed; Consult biology teacher for recommendation; Chemistry - Completed or concurrent

    Class Syllabus