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  • Advanced Placement

    **** Summer Assignments for all AP Courses are now available! Please see link for details.****

    The Advanced Placement program is a part of a national program administered by the Educational Testing Service for the College Board. Courses designated as AP are rigorous, college level courses that provide students with the opportunity to take college-level course work in high school.

    It is important to note that AP courses are significantly different from courses designated as Honors classes. Due to the heavy workload of an AP course, it is recommended that a student enroll in no more than three AP classes per school year.

    AP courses offer an educational experience that will prepare students for success in college and beyond. Many colleges and universities accept successful exam scores for credit, advanced placement, or both. Visit www.collegeboard.org/apstudents for detailed information about each of the AP courses and exams, including course and exam descriptions, sample free response questions and scoring guidelines, study skills, exam tips, and more.

    For additional information about the AP Program at DHS, please contact the Advanced Placement Coordinator, Faith Snow (faith.majors@pgcps.org)


    Entry Criteria


    • Students should have a 3.0 GPA or better
    • Students must meet the specified prerequisites for each course
    • Students must have an excellent attendance record
    • Students must not allow other activities to interfere with AP course preparation
    • Students must allot a minimum of 1 hour of study per AP course daily
    • Students must have internet access or communicate with teacher in advance to make arrangements
    • Students must submit a current, graded, writing sample
    • It is strongly recommended that students enroll in a maximum of three AP courses
    • Students should attend any tutorials offered
    • Summer reading and assignments must be completed prior to the start of school year
    • It is expected that all enrolled students will take the AP exam on the date set by The College Board *The cost of each exam is $93


    Characteristics of an AP Scholar
    Motivated & dedicated to school work
    Committed to homework, extra readings and research
    Responsible: able to multitask, to prioritize activities, to make deadlines
    Prepared and organized
    Critical analysis and thinking skills
    Beyond proficient in reading and writing

    DHS Advanced Placement Course Registration

    If you are interested in registering for a 2017-2018 AP course, please pick up the course Application form in the cafeteria during ALL lunches from January 23-February 3.  

    You must complete a separate registration form for EACH AP course in which you plan to enroll for next year.

    In order to Obtain Enrollment in an AP Course:

    1. Student and parent read and sign the AP Memorandum of Agreement
    2. Submit the AP Course Application to your current teacher for corresponding subject (applications must be given to your teacher by February 10, 2017)
    3. Student submits current graded writing sample to AP Coordinator (Mrs. Snow, Room 107) by February 10, 2017.
    4. Teacher completes the Course Application—this sheet is CONFIDENTIAL; it will not be returned to student
    5. Teachers submit Course Application sheet to AP Coordinator by February 10, 2017
    6. AP Coordinator submits Course Application sheet to Guidance

    AP Courses available at DHS

    AP American Government and Politics
    AP Biology
    AP Calculus
    AP Chemistry
    AP Computer Science
    AP Computer Science Principles
    AP English Language and Composition (11th grade)
    AP English Literature and Composition (12th grade)
    AP Environmental Science
    AP Human Geography
    AP Psychology
    AP Spanish Language and Culture
    AP Studio Art 2D Design
    AP Studio Art Drawing
    AP World History
    Pro-Start * not an AP course, but college credit may be received

    General Information, scores course info: Click Here  

    AP Exam calendar: Click Here