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  • DuVal Mission


    With high expectations, DuVal High School will provide an exemplary education in which all students are ready for college and careers in a global society.


    Secondary School Reform
    Prince George’s County Public Schools (PGCPS) is pursuing a new vision to ensure that 100% of our graduates are college and workforce ready. Secondary School Reform is the strategic implementation of that vision. Part of Secondary School Reform is to define what skills are necessary for a graduating senior to be prepared for both college level courses and productive careers in the 21st century economy.

    Statement of Beliefs

    • All students CAN meet high expectations for learning and conduct
    • Teaching, learning, and conduct expectations must be clearly defined and communicated to teachers and students to ensure accountability
    • Instruction must be strategic, rigorous, and differentiated in order to ensure high achievement for all students
    • The school must maintain a safe and orderly environment
    • Students must be given ample opportunities to develop their interests and talents in order to become confident and well-rounded adults

    Core Values

    • Commit to the educational achievement, growth, and well-being of students
    • Provide a safe and supportive school environment with students and staff sharing the responsibility
    • Foster productive citizens through school and community partnerships
    • Improve teaching, accountability and leadership continually to fully engage students’ learning

    What skills and abilities does a PGCPS graduate need to be both college and career ready?

    Prince George’s County Public Schools is dedicated to providing students with the requisite interpersonal and academic skills to be successful in future higher education and career pursuits. Graduates will be able to:
    • Acquire important information and skills
    • Make meaning of that content
    • Effectively transfer their learning to new situations both within school and beyond

    The PGCPS Promise - At A Glance

    To their fullest potential, a Prince George’s County Public School graduate will demonstrate specific skills and knowledge in the following areas:
    21st Century Skills
    • An Effective Communicator and Collaborator
    • A Successful Problem Solver
    • A Responsible Person
    • An Engaged Global and Domestic Citizen
    Core Content Areas of Knowledge
    • English
    • Mathematics
    • Science
    • Social Studies
    • Fine Arts
    Physical Education
    • Health
    • Technology
    • World Languages
    Every content area at every grade level will demonstrate academic rigor in all instructional practices. These skills are critical in preparing for the future as 21st century citizens and will be integrated into all the academic areas of study.