• Generating Grades for Dropped Students

    How to Generate Grades for Students Who Were Dropped From Your Class

    • Login to SchoolMAX.
    • Click on the Reports tab.
    • Click on the Grades tab.
    • Select Student Assignments and Grades Report.
    • Find and select the course and section of the student’s previous class and the period.
    • Begin Date: enter date when student started the class.
    • End Date: enter day before student dropped the class. (Note: If you don't get the End Date right, you will miss some of the grades.)
    • Student ID: enter student ID.
    • Output Format <pull down menu> select PDF.
    • Click on Generate Reportthen you will have the student's grades.

          Another Option: 
    • Login to SchoolMAX.
    • Select the GradeBook Module by clicking the Gradebook tab. (Note: Unless you have the Smaxer SchoolMax Plug-in installed, only the courses that meet today will appear. To view courses that meet on a different cycle day, you must change the term code.)
    • Select the course section where the student was dropped from.
    • Click on Reports (the smaller/lower of the two Reports tabs).
    • Click on Individualized Student Reports.
    • Click on the radio button that corresponds to the current grading period (e.g., "1" for 1st Qtr.)
    • Click on Create Report.