• Grade Change Procedure

    The principal is responsible for following the standard procedure for the authorization and recording of all grade changes.

    1. A Grade Change Authorization Form (PS-140) will be used to authorize and record the specific reasons for requesting each grade change.

    2. Form PS-140 must be signed by the teacher of the course for which the grade change is requested and by the school principal. 

    3. Upon effecting the grade change in the appropriate database, the authorized data entry person must sign the PS-140. Appropriate staff must refer to the transcript guide when changing grades. 

    4. If a grade change involves a final grade, the original grade as recorded on the electronic report and the final report card will be reprinted. The new grade, recorded by the registrar, will be recorded on the documents, initialed, and dated by the principal. 

    5. Form PS-140 must be filed in the student’s cumulative record folder, with copies distributed as indicated on the form. 

    6. School staff will re-calculate the student’s quarter Grade Point Average and cumulative Grade Point Average if a grade change is authorized. 

    If the principal deems that a quarter grade submitted for a student should be different than what is reflected on the report card, the principal is required to submit a Grade Change Authorization Form (Form PS-140) to the School Instructional Team (SIT) with evidence and rationale for changing the grade. The decision of the SIT must be conveyed to the teacher that submitted the grade within 48 hours. 

    Source: AP 5121.3 (2017 Draft)