• Summer Assignments

    All students are required to complete summer assignments.  Please make a plan for completing sections throughout the summer in order to avoid having to complete multiple packets and reading assignments at the end of the summer break.

    Standardized Test Preparation

    Students of all grades are required to take various standardized tests: HSA, PARCC, MISA, SAT and ACT. These scores go into the students academic record and certain scores are required for graduation or for consideration for college acceptance. We are working to create a proactive testing approach.  Please use the resources provided to learn more about the PARCC test, sign up for Khan Academy and also learn test taking strategies which can help students in their regular academic classes and the required tests. The key to success is being as prepared as possible.

    Reading & Language Arts

    Math Packets


    • Packet(s) forthcoming

    Individuals & Societies (Social Studies)