District Heights Elementary
    @Forestville H.S.
    7001 Beltz Drive
    Forestville, MD

    Phone: (301) 817-0484    

    Fax: (301) 817-0561

    Marlowe Blount-Rich

    Kiah Whitfield-Udoh
    Assistant Principal

    School Hours: 9:35 a.m. - 3:45 p.m. 
    School Uniform: Mandatory   
    Grades: Pre K- Grade 5 
    Mascot: Panda  


    Ms. Ebony Cross Shields, Instructional Director

    Dr. Kassandra Lassiter,  Elementary Associate Superintendent

    Principal's Welcome Letter

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  • Announcements

    • (NEW) School Hours

      District Heights at Forestville HS's school hours are 9:35 a.m. - 3:45 p.m.

    • Arrive at School ON TIME!

      Attention:  Parents must escort all students arriving late to school into the main office for parent sign in.

    • Bus Information

      View the Bus Routes for District Heights Elementary School at Forestville.

    • New Student Registration

      What do I need to bring with me to register my child?  CHECKLIST Visit the Student Registration and Enrollment website for PGCPS  for additional information.

    • Uniform Policy

      All students must be in compliance with the DHES uniform policy. Navy blue pants, shorts, jumpers and skorts are required. Light blue shirts are required. Black or brown shoes must be worn. No open toe shoes or sandals are permissible. Thank you for your cooperation in advance..

    • Student Agenda Books

      STUDENT AGENDA HANDBOOKS :   Students Agenda Handbooks will be required to assist with home-school communication, time management and goal setting. Agenda Books will be distributed during the first week of school.

    • Student Homework

      HOMEWORK :   Homework is assigned nightly.   Parents are requested to help their children, by establishing some homework guidelines and cooperating with the teachers in seeing that the assignments are completed.

    • Student Attendance

        ATTENDANCE :   Your child should be in school on time and in classes every day.   Time lost from instruction can    never be regained simply by doing make-up work.   Illnesses and emergencies are excused absences.   A complete attendance policy is available at www.pgcps.org .   In addition, your child’s teacher will discuss attendance during their grade level back to school night. Students cannot be expected to perform in a satisfactory manner if they are not present for instruction.   It is imperative that students arrive on time daily.   DISTRICT HEIGHTS DOES NOT OFFER CHILDCARE BEFORE OR AFTER SCHOOL! TEACHERS ARE REQUIRED BY CONTRACT TO RECEIVE PLANNING TIME BEFORE AND AFTER SCHOOL AND CAN NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR STUDENTS BEFORE OR AFTER SCHOOL HOURS.    

    • CEO Letter - Importance of Attendance (NEW)

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