English to Speakers of Other Languages 

        Hola, Bonjour, Ni Hao, and Ciao are just a few of the ways that we can say “hello” in the Crossland ESOL program.  In our second year at the school, the program has grown from 75 students to 115, representing countries such as Honduras, Guatemala, Mexico, El Salvador, Jamaica, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Philippines, China, Korea, Vietnam, Sierra Leone and Cameroon. 


        Our ESOL students bring with them a host of unique personal and cultural experiences that add to the already dynamic environment at Crossland High School.  Language is not the only difference!  International students give us a glimpse of the world through their eyes—their views of culture, religion, nature, society, etc.  This level of diversity helps promote both cultural awareness and racial understanding throughout the entire school.  It is our hope that the constant exchange of new ideas and experiences will allow students to develop perspective and to become global citizens. 


        The ESOL program is designed to teach students from beginning learners (new arrivals to the U.S.) up through moderate and advance-level students.  We also offer introduction courses in mathematics, science and history …allowing the students to develop stronger language skills before entering general education classes.  Further, the ESOL staff and general education teachers work closely together to help our students make the transition in both language and their new environment.    It is not only our mission to provide effective language instruction, but to provide our students (and all students) with a stimulating and supportive environment that allows them to reach and exceed their potential. 

    Teacher's Name and Email Syllabus, Websites, and Blogs

     Vickie Lopez

    *Department Chair