Parents Help

  1. Monitor and supervise your children at bus stop locations. Children under the age of seven need adult supervision to get on and off the bus safely.
  2. Explain bus conduct guidelines to your children who ride the school bus to and from school. 
  3. Accompany your children to and from their designated bus stop location. 
  4. Allow Prince George’s County bus drivers to enforce the guidelines set by the Board for student rider conduct. 
  5. Refrain from approaching bus drivers/attendants at bus stops, schools, or bus lots with complaints, threats, or other negative situations.
  6. Complaints should be made to school administration or transportation administrators. Failure to adhere to this policy could cause the affected student to lose bus-riding privileges.

Rules To Ride 

  1. Respect and cooperate with the driver. The driver is the authority on the bus. 
  2. Keep your body and all objects inside the bus, and remain in your seat. 
  3. No cursing or loud talking on the bus. 
  4. Keep bus clean. Do not litter or damage the bus in any way. 
  5. No pushing, shoving, bullying, or fighting on or off bus.

Transportation Department: 301-952-6570
For a detailed description of transportation procedures, request a copy of Administrative Procedure 5131.1, Jan. 20, 2005.

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