Parent-Student Success Strategies

Parents must be the student’s main guide and positive influence in education and in life. It is the parent’s responsibility to support the education of the student by:

  • Having the student at school on time each day, ready to learn, with the appropriate materials. 
  • Talking with teachers on a regular basis about performance, homework assignments (asking for help, if necessary), and notifying the school in writing when the student is going to be absent. 
  • Supporting teachers in their efforts by encouraging strong study habits, reading for pleasure, and exhibiting positive behavior. 
  • Supporting school and school system rules for student behavior and ensuring that the student is following the rules. 
  • Reading to and with the student daily and providing a variety of reading materials in the home. 
  • Asking the student each day about school, learning, and homework. 
  • Supervising the student during homework.
  • Limiting the amount of time spent watching television or playing video games. 
  • Taking family trips to museums, libraries, cultural events, etc.
  • Becoming involved in school activities and organizations.
  • Providing and updating the school with current information, including telephone number, address, immunization records, and previous school reports, etc. All information should be provided that might affect the student’s ability to learn or to behave.
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