Prince George’s County Public Schools is committed to maintaining a safe and orderly learning environment for students and staff. The school system employs 54 investigator/counselors, 119 security assistants, three field supervisors, one supervisor of technical services, twelve security technicians, one assistant supervisor and a director. Each high school has two resident investigator/counselors, one school resource officer, and two or more security assistants. Regional investigators are assigned to middle and elementary schools, special centers and administrative offices by educational zone. At least one security assistant is assigned to each middle school.

Investigator/Counselors are commissioned and certified police officers with powers of arrest on Board of Education properties only. They are responsible for investigating and prosecuting all criminal acts occurring on school grounds. Investigators are sworn to uphold and enforce laws of the state, (Code of Maryland Regulations) assist administrators with enforcement of the Code of Student Conduct, and provide a security presence essential to maintaining a safe and orderly environment. Investigators play in integral role in the school environment. The positive interaction with students and proactive measures help prevent crimes and ensure a safe environment on school property.

Security Assistants support school administrators in monitoring various locations on school grounds. They also monitor surveillance cameras and provide an additional adult security presence. Security assistants do not have arrest powers.


All high school and middle schools have multiple security cameras located throughout the interior and exterior of the building. With proper funding, all elementary schools will be equipped with cameras by the end of fiscal year 2017. These cameras are monitored and serve to deter inappropriate behavior and assist in the investigation of incidents. The Prince George’s County Public Schools’ surveillance camera system has been used as a model for other school systems.

All Prince George’s County Public Schools have emergency plans that address critical incidents for the campus and surrounding community. Updates for emergency plans are provided and reviewed for each school and school emergency team.

All schools are equipped with two-way radios. The School Resource Officers program allows for direct two-way communication capability with the county and municipal police departments. Regional investigators are equipped with cell phones to allow direct communication during emergency and non-emergency incidents.

Prince George’s County Public Schools are safer because of the local partnerships with a variety of law enforcement and public safety agencies. The Prince George’s County Board of Education enters each school year into a partnership with local county and municipal police agencies to provide specially trained School Resource Officers (SRO). These specially selected and trained individuals are assigned on a full-time basis to a High School. They provide a uniformed presence, viable role model, and are key in building trust with our students. These SRO’s work in conjunction with Department of Security Services personnel, students, staff, and visitors in the continuing commitment to provide a safe and orderly learning environment.

  • A Gang Education and Intelligence Unit was implemented by Security Services in 2010 to provide informative presentations on gangs to elementary and secondary schools. Additional services of the Gang Education and Intelligence Unit will be to identify, communicate and address school and community fears among students and parents, as well as augment programs already in existence by local law enforcement and social services agencies.
  • Community services officers and community-oriented officers work closely with the schools and the School Security Department in enhancing relationships between law enforcement, students and administrators.
  • The Campus Crime Solvers Program, established for the Fiscal year 2011, is a cooperative effort with Crime Solvers, the Prince George’s County Police Department, Office of the Sheriff and the Department of Security Services. It is one of several recent initiatives to reduce crime in schools. This program will be introduced and implemented in all schools by FY 2013.
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