• ProStart Culinary arts and Restaurant Management Program

    ProStart Culinary Arts and Restaurant Management Program


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    ProStart is a two-year culinary/management career-building program for high school students. This program is designed for students who are looking to enter the job market directly after graduating, and/or attend college. ProStart students gain culinary/management experience and recognition in several ways: classroom experience; mentored work experience; and culinary competitions.

    ProStart students learn fundamental culinary and restaurant management skills in the classroom. Students apply their learning through qualified on-the-job food service operations with industry professionals. Students will receive mentor support, character development and real-world skills that give them a head start toward a career in the industry and college preparation.

    Students have the opportunity to put their skills to the test by participating in the Maryland ProStart Student Invitational, the CCAP competition, and other various competitions throughout the program. These demanding culinary and management competitions invite top students to represent their school to compete for college scholarships and industry connections for potential job placement.  

    Upon completion of the ProStart program, students are required to become ServSafe certified (Professional Food Service Manager) and complete the necessary requirements to  earn the ProStart National Certificate of Achievement (Pass ProStart Level One Final Exam; Pass ProStart Level Two Final Exam; Have an Employer Agreement; Complete 400 hours of work experience; Complete a Student Work Experience checklist, complete at least 52 of the 75 competencies). This certificate provides students eligibility for special scholarships and college credit from colleges and universities across the country. It also provides potential job experience and job opportunities to a growing industry. 

    NOTE: For additional information refer to the Family and Consumer Science page or contact the department chair Domenic Mallardi domenic.mallardi@pgcps.org.  


    Foods and Nutrition 1 and Food Trends and Technology 1, or International Culture and Cuisine with instructor approval are prerequisite courses for admission into the ProStart program.

    ProStart is a 2 year program. It begins in 11th grade (ProStart 1) and is completed by the end of 12th grade (2 classes; ProStart 2 & ProStart Internship).   



    FACS ProStart 1 Syllabus
    FACS ProStart 2 Syllabus