• Health Department


    Our mission is tHealth Club Fair 100_2519_1o see that all students recognize the behaviors needed to maintain their good health. And to also make students aware of the consequences when bad decisions are made concerning their health.

    The Health Teachers at Charles Flowers High School are committed to providing quality health education to students in order to encourage them to make prudent decisions concerning their health and well-being. We believe that if children are healthy in their mind, body, and spirit than all other courses and endeavors will be met with success. We will accomplish this by providing up to date information utilizing current teaching techniques, technology in the classroom and continually encourage parent cooperation in the health education process.


    We believe the following...

    If students are not healthy in mind, body, and spirit than all the other subjects will not matter.


    1.  Encourage students to make better decisions concerning their health.

    2.  Encourage parent involvement in the health education of their children.

    3.  Develop instructional technology lessons to better teach students of the 21st century.

    4.  Foster an environment where students can enrich their vocabulary through SAT word lessons.

    5.  Prepare students for potential heath related emergencies by certifying them in CPR.

    6.  Develop lessons that encompass new developments in the health fields.

    7.  Develop lessons that include new developments in the sports medicine field.