• Advanced Placement


    The Advanced Placement program is a part of a national program administered by the Educational Testing Service for the College Board.  Courses designated as “Advanced Placement” (AP) are college level courses that provide challenging course work comparable to a college class.  (This is significantly different from an Honors class, which is considered to be a college prep course.)   

    The content of AP courses is extremely rigorous and offers students the opportunity to utilize their critical thinking skills and their ability to analyze information.  The workload of an AP course is also heavier than a comprehensive high school course; therefore it is recommended that a student enroll in no more than three AP classes per school year.  If a student does enroll in three or more, the AP staff and guidance counselor must be consulted. 

    AP courses offer students the opportunity of earning not only high school credit, but depending on their national AP exam score and college policies, college credit and/or advanced standing in most colleges and universities in the United States.  To check college policies on AP credit go to www.collegeboard.com/ap/creditpolicy.

    For additional information about the AP Program at CHFHS, contact Chauntia Bego the Advanced Placement Coordinator.

    Entry Criteria

    • Students should have a 2.5 GPA or better.
    • Students must have an excellent attendance record.
    • Students must not allow other activities to interfere with AP course preparation.
    • Students must allot a minimum of 1 hour of study per course each night.
    • It is strongly recommended that seniors enroll in a maximum of three (3) AP courses and juniors in a maximum of two (2) AP courses.
    • Students should expect to attend regularly scheduled tutorials.
    • Students must complete all required summer assignments prior to the start of the school year.
    • It is expected that all enrolled students will take the AP exam.  *The cost of each exam is approximately $83.00.


    If you are interested in registering for a 2015-2016 AP course click here for the AP course registration packet. It should be returned to Ms. Bego when it is completed. You must complete a registration form for EACH AP course you plan to enroll in for next year.  


    Are you planning on taking an Advanced Placement Course for the 2015-2016 school year?   
    Get the best preparation by enrolling in the Advanced Placement Summer Bridge Institute!
    Dates: It is Monday-Thursday, July 6-16, 2015 from 8:30am-12:30pm. 
    Choose your location: Flowers High School, Oxon Hill High School or Suitland High School
    Cost: FREE

    SUMMER PACKET INFORMATION --Updated July 14, 2016  

    Click on the link to download the summer packet for that class. All summer packets will be posted before the last day of school. Please continue to check back here for your course's packet. If you are unsure if your AP class has a summer packet or if you have a question about it, please contact that AP teacher. 

     AP United States History  AP Biology   AP Art History AP Calculus AB   AP English Language:
    AP United States Government and Politics  AP World History AP Studio Art AP Computer Science AP Physics C
    AP English Literature & Composition 12 AP Psychology  AP Environmental Science AP Statistics  


    AP Courses Available at CHFHS 

    •  United States History
    •  United States Government & Politics
    •  World History
    •  Psychology
    •  English Language (11th grade only)
    •  English Literature (12th grade only)
    •  Calculus AB
    •  Statistics
    •  Computer Science
    •  Art History
    •  Studio Art
    •  Music Theory
    •  French
    •  Biology
    •  Environmental Science
    •  Physics C Mechanics



    General Information: Scores, Course Info  

     *At Charles Herbert Flowers High School, any student who does not take the AP exam in May for any class will, at the end of the year, will have their grade decreased. The grade for that class will no longer be weighted and the grade will be dropped a letter grade.