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    The Academy of Finance Program offer students the unique opportunity to gain specialized preparation in the field of finance, while they complete their normal course curriculum. The Academy is affiliated with and administered by the National Academy Foundation (NAF), based in New York City. This program is designed to facilitate the transition from high school to more advanced training and eventually a career in the financial services industry. The program is developed by the National Academy Foundation in collaboration with leading educators and industry experts.  National Academy Foundation Logo

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    Student admission criteria will follow the National Academy Foundation’s guidelines within the framework to the measurements utilized in the school district. Teacher and guidance counselor recommendations will be include so that potential motivation, and conduct can be analyzed. 

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    **Contact Department Chairperson Gladys Montgomery for additional information.



    • Educational Systems Federal Credit Union
    • Securities and Exchange Commission
    • University of Maryland College Park—Robert Smith School of Business
    • Office of the Controller of Currency
    • U. S. Department of Commerce

    AOF Students at Univ Of Md

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