• Tardy Policy

    Tardy Policy

        Unlawful absence and/or truancy is defined as the act of a pupil being absent from school for a day or any portion of a day from an individual class or any portion of a class for any reason other than those defined as lawful. 

        By law, parents/guardians must ensure regular attendance for their school-aged children who are enrolled in the public schools. If a child has excessive unexcused absences, the parent/guardian may be convicted of a misdemeanor and imprisoned or fined by the courts. Additionally, any other adult who persuades or attempts to persuade a student to be unlawfully absent, or who harbors a child who is unlawfully absent, may also be convicted of a misdemeanor and imprisoned and/or fined.

    Possible Consequences May Result In:

    • Referral to Pupil Personnel Services for possible referral to court for violation of the compulsory attendance law or to Juvenile Services for intake services.

    • Before and/or after school detention 

    • Behavioral probation 

    • Written contract 

    • In-school suspension 

    • Saturday School Program 

    • Removal of school privileges 

    • Reduction in grades or loss of credit 

    • Restriction of extracurricular activities 

    • Referral to an alternative educational program

    • Referral to Attendance Committee