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  • Alternative Programs of Study

    Alternative Programs of Study

    Business Education 
    The primary mission of business education is to provide instruction for and about business. The discipline of business education prepares students to become contributing citizens who are capable of making astute personal economic decisions. 

    In business education classrooms, students learn the basics of finance, principles of management, master economic principles, and learn how businesses operate. In addition, business education courses provide the impetus for students to successfully complete college programs in several business areas.

    Programs Offered:

    • Accounting
    • Academy of Finance
    • Business Administrative Services
    • Business Management

    Professional Affiliations:
    Contact Information: 

    Dr. Nancy Magloire, Supervisor
    Phone: (301) 669-6012 


    Family and Consumer Science
    The primary mission of Family & Consumer Sciences is to empower students to be successful and productive citizens for the 21st century. Family and Consumer Sciences is the only career and technical academic program that provides guidance and practical knowledge related to everyday life. This includes personal finances, human growth and development, personal behavior, housing and environment, food and nutrition, apparel and textiles, and resource management. Students who participate in the program acquire skills that will prepare them for high demand, high wage and high skilled future careers.

    Programs Offered

    • Adolescent Single Parenting
    • Child Development
    • Fashion Design
    • Independent Living Middle School
    • Interior Design
    • ProStart
    • Teacher Academy

    Professional Affiliations 

    • FACS Program
    • Affiliations: 

    Teacher Academy
    The Teacher Academy program prepares students for further education and careers in the education profession. Students are expected to identify the current, historical, philosophical, and social perspectives of American education, including trends and issues; demonstrate an understanding that knowledge of a learner’s physical, cognitive, emotional, social, and cultural development is the basis of effective teaching; explore learning theories as antecedents to current educational practice; identify research-based practices in teaching and evaluate their appropriateness for various educational situations. Recommended Electives: Advanced Placement Biology, Advanced Placement Psychology, Art, Financial Literacy, Psychology, and Sociology.

    • Program Duration: Three Years
    • Beginning Grade Level: 10th
    • Program Location: Bowie*, Laurel*, Potomac*
    *Boundary Students Only

    Child Growth and Development
    A student enrolled in this program will learn about the emotional, social, physical, and intellectual growth and development of the child from birth to adolescence. Practical experiences in working with children are provided through participation in the school’s preschool laboratory as well as community school sites. Courses in this program may earn college credit through Prince George’s County Community College. Recommended Electives: Advanced Placement Biology, Advanced Placement Psychology, Art, Entrepreneurship, Financial Literacy, Psychology, and Sociology.

    • Program Duration: Three Years
    • Beginning Grade Level: 10th
    • Program Location: Bowie*, Central*, Flowers*, Friendly*, High Point*, Laurel*, Northwestern*, Parkdale*, Surrattsville*, Tall Oaks*, Wise*

    *Boundary Students Only

    Possible Student Certifications

    • Praxis I
    • CPR

    Possible Majors of Study at College/Universities

    • Education
    • Social Work
    • Psychology 

    Possible Careers

    • Social Worker
    • School Teacher
    • Nanny
    • Child Care Provider
    • Para Professional Educator


    Program Contact Information:
    Rhonda Taylor, Supervisor
    Phone: (301) 669-6012

    Technology Education

    Technology Education is a Maryland State Department of Education graduation requirement. Technology Education offers comprehensive, experienced-based courses in which students learn about technological and engineering content. In this alternative program of study, students will gain knowledge in cross curricular content that embeds computational thinking, discovery, creation and cultural development. In addition to the knowledge and skills gained in this program, students will utilize worldly resources that promote three-dimensional design, coding and project management.

    Courses Offered:

    • Foundation of Technology (Grades 9 -10) 
    • Advanced Design Application (Grades 11 – 12) 
    • Engineering Design (Grades 11 – 12) 

    Program Contact Information:
    Darlene Bruton
    Technology Education Supervisor
    Phone: (301) 669-6012

    Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC)

    For more information, contact Keith Hayes, Instructional Supervisor, or (301)669-6012.

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