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  • Guidance

    Buck Lodge Middle School Guidance Department
    What do Professional School Counselors do?

    School Counselors spend 70% of their time working with students directly. These direct services are provided to students one-on-one, in small groups and in the classroom setting. Direct services may include but are not limited to:

    • School Counseling Curriculum (classroom lessons)
    • College and Career Readiness Counseling (see college and career readiness section for expanded description of services)
    • Personal/Social Counseling and Peer-to-Peer Problem Solving
    • Academic Advising and Course Selection
    • Developing the Personal Education Plan (PEP)
    • Career Assessment
    • College and Career Selection and Application Processes
    • Test Interpretation (SAT,PSAT, MSA, HSA)
    • School Crisis Interventio
    Ms. Janita Harrell - Professional School Counselor: 
    Ms. Amanda Higgins - Professional School Counselor:
    Ms. Dalilah Gonzalez Ocasio - Professional School Counselor:

    Dalilah Gonzales Ocasio