• Academics


    Bowie High School offers a wide variety of courses that help students enter the college, career, or military branch of their choice. The school is organized into the academic departments listed below. To vie each departments website, visit the Department Page linked under the Academic Tab.
    Art 1 Syllabus  
    Ms. Cohen
    Mr. Holbrook
    Art 2 Syllabus  
    Art 3 Syllabus  
    Art 4 Syllabus  
    AP Studio Art Drawing Syllabus  
    AP Studio Art 2D Design Syllabus  
    AP Studio Art 3D Design    
    Basic Design Syllabus  
    Basic Drawing and Painting    
    Ceramics 1                            Syllabus    
    Ceramics 2 Syllabus  
    Computer Graphics 1 Syllabus  
    Computer Graphics 2 Syllabus  
    Intro to Photography Syllabus  
    Intermediate Photography Syllabus  
    Painting and Drawing              
    Sculpture 1 Syllabus    
    Sculpture 2 Syllabus  
    TV Production 1 Syllabus  
    TV Production 2 Syllabus  
    Honors Art                               

    Accounting Syllabus  
    Business Communication Syllabus  
    Business Law Syllabus  
    Computer Software Applications    
    Entrepreneurship Syllabus  
    Web Design                                  Syllabus  

    Career &College Research Development    

    CCRD 1 Syllabus  
    CCRD 2 Syllabus  
    CCRD Work Experience    

    Construction Design Management    
    Intro to CDM    
    Principles of Construction    
    Advanced 3D Design    
    Advanced CDM    

    English 9 Syllabus   Mrs. Barnes
    English 10 Syllabus
    Mr. Hall
    Mr. Moore
    Mr. Selby
    Ms. Smith
    Ms. Stone
    Ms. Williams
    English 11 Syllabus Mrs. Barnes
    English 12  Syllabus  
    Summit English 9                           
    Summit English 10    
    AP Language and Composition   Syllabus  
    AP Literature and Composition    
    English 10 Transition                   Syllabus   Dr. Sukaj
    English 12 Transition  Syllabus  


    Family and Consumer Science    

    Health Education    
    Health Issues     
    Family Living    
    Sports Medicine    

    Algebra 1    
    Algebra 1 Lab    
    Algebra 2    
    Quantitative Modeling    
    Probability & Statistics    
    Pre- Calculus    
    AP Calculus    
    AP Statistics    

    Basic Guitar    
    Intermediate Guitar    
    Advanced Guitar    
    Basic Piano    
    Intermediate Piano    
    Advanced Piano         
    Concert Band    
    Symphonic Band    
    Wind Ensemble    
    Jazz Ensemble    
    Marching Band           
    String Orchestra    
    Concert Orchestra    
    Chamber Orchestra    
    Concert Choir    
    Chamber Choir    
    Madrigal Choir           
    Gospel Choir    
    AP Music Theory    

    Physical Education    
    Personal Fitness    
    Physical Training    
    Physical Training for Athletes    
    Team Sports    
    Dance 1                                        
    Repertory 2     
    Repertory 3    
    Repertory 4    

    Biology (Regular, Honors, Summit)    
    Chemistry (Regular, Honors, Summit)    
    Biogeochemical System    
    Environmental Science    
    Earth and Space Science        
    Forensic 1      
    Forensic 2    
    Forensic Law    
    Anatomy and Physiology                         
    AP Biology                            
    AP Environmental Science                       

    Social Studies    
    AP Comparative Government                  
    AP Economics    
    AP European History    
    AP Government and Politics    
    AP Psychology    
    AP United States History    
    AP World History                                     
    African American History    
    African American Studies    
    Civil Rights Law    
    Constitutional Law    
    Economic Issues                         
    Legal Research    
    Legal Seminar    
    Local, State and National Government    
    Practical Law    
    US History    
    World History    

    Special Education    

    Technology Education    
    Foundations of Technology    
    Technology Design    
    Advanced Design Applications    

    World Languages    
    French 1    
    French 2    
    French 3    
    French 4    
    French Online AP    
    Italian 1                                     
    Italian 2    
    Italian 3    
    Italian 4    
    Japanese 1    
    Japanese 2    
    Japanese 3                                 
    Japanese 4    
    Spanish 1    
    Spanish 2    
    Spanish Honors 2    
    Spanish Honors 3    
    Spanish Honors 4                      
    Spanish AP    
    Russian 1    
    Russian 2    
    Russian 3    
    Russian 4