Risk Management and Workers' Compensation Office

PGCPS NoGBC   Let's make this year SAFE BY CHOICE

 Slip, trips and falls are the leading cause of injuries for the employees of Prince George's County Public Schools. We are committed to providing an environment that is safe, educational and nurturing for all of our staff and students.   Our goal is to equip all of our employees with the informative information necessary to ensure we are providing not only an environment for our students to learn, but a safe by choice environment.  Please take a moment to look at this brief educational video of real life scenarios relating to slip, trip and fall accidents and ways in which you can prevent them from occurring.   

The Risk Management and Workers' Compensation Office is dedicated to providing premier risk management solutions for the second largest school district in the state of Maryland, Prince George's County Public School (PGCPS) System.  The office strives to provide the highest level of customer service in managing the county's risks and exposures to ensure the health and safety of employees and students, and to protect the PGCPS financial assets.

Services Provided

Our office handles the following services for your convenience (click on the links where applicable for more details):


For a brief overview of the presentation materials presented at the Back-to-School In-Service Sessions, click here.

To file a Workers' Compensation Claim, you may contact the Injured Employee Hotline at 1-800-774-2447.  



For questions related to Workers' Compensation, you may send an email to workers.compensation@pgcps.org.  For all other questions, you may send an email to the Risk Management mailbox at rmo@pgcps.org.


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