• Volunteering at Baden ES

    Volunteering at Baden ES

    In order to volunteer in any Prince George's County Public School, potential volunteers must complete the three steps below.


    Obtain a fingerprint background check. More information on this is at http://www1.pgcps.org/fingerprinting/. The cost of the fingerprint background check is currently $59.32, and this background check is good indefinitely. The fingerprinting background check must be completed at least 14 days in advance of any activity you wish to volunteer for. Background checks dated less than 14 days before the activity will not be allowed for that activity.

    Immediately following the fingerprinting, obtain the Child Protective Services clearance by going to Room 124 in the Sasscer Building. The fingerprinting office can direct you there. If you have any questions regarding the CPS screening, you can call (301) 780-2191. On completion of the CPS screening, that office will mark on your fingerprint background check receipt that you have completed this step. Bring the fingerprinting receipt with the CPS screening signature/stamp to Baden’s front office for our records.

    Watch the Prince George's County Three SafeSchools Modules that are required for volunteers to complete. Once you watch the videos, you will take a brief quiz as evidence that you watched the video and understood the procedures contained within. Please click the link below to register. Once this part is complete, please print out a copy of all three certificates and submit to the Main Office.