• Arts Integration

    Arts Integration

    This is the fifth year of the Arts Integration Initiative and currently we have over 80 schools. The Arts Integration office focuses on school support and teacher professional development. Each school has an implementation plan based on the district's Arts Integration Continuum. 

    Goals of the Initiative:

    • Arts Integration as alternative instructional approach
    • Improve student engagement, behavior, and achievement
    • Enhance student creativity, collaboration, communication, and critical thinking skills
    • Increase teacher proficiency in implementing Arts Integration strategies
    • Encourage student-centered learning in the classroom
    • Build community awareness, understanding, engagement and commitment to arts in education
    • Develop partnerships to provide arts opportunities for students
    • Increase family involvement
    • Increase school involvement every year
    • Partnership with the Literacy office
    • Amazing community partners such as Young Audiences of Maryland, Prince George's Arts & Humanities Council, Prince George's Parks & Planning, and much more 
    • Teacher participation in monthly evening workshops and PGATI (Prince George's Artist-Teacher Institute) each summer
    Questions about the Arts Integration Program? Contact Marlo Castillo