• Wednesday, February 20 - Code Yellow - Schools and offices are closed. EMERGENCY PERSONNEL only must report to work.

    Miércoles, el 20 de febrero - Código Amarillo – Todas las escuelas permanecen cerradas. Todas las oficinas permanecen cerradas. Solamente el PERSONAL DE EMERGENCIA debe reportarse al trabajo.

  • Absentee and Tardy Policy


    Attendance, Absentee and Tardy Policy 


    State law requires that all students between the ages of 5-16 attend school regularly. Absence from school is disruptive to the learning process. Studies have shown that students who attend school on a regular basis earn better grades than those who are frequently absent.  Students will earn incentives for Perfect Attendance.
    The state of Maryland recognizes the following as lawful (excused) absences from school:
    • death in the immediate family
    • illness of the student
    • quarantine
    • court summons
    • principal-approved activity
    • mental or physical incapacity
    • violent storms
    • observance of a religious holiday
    • state of emergency
    If a student is absent, the parent or guardian is asked to call the main office at 301-209-3580 between 9:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m. the day of the absence to notify the school. Upon return to school, the student must present to a note signed by the parent or guardian stating the date(s) and reason(s) for the absence to the Attendance Monitor upon entering the building.
    The Attendance Monitor will give the student an absence slip to be presented to each teacher in order to be readmitted to class. The last period teacher will keep the slip.  If a student returns to school without a note, the teacher will issue a temporary note. If a note is not brought in by the third day the absence will become unexcused. 
    Inclement Weather 
    In the event of inclement weather (snow or other weather related emergencies), be sure to listen to your radio or television news for word school closings or delayed openings.  Usually this information is broadcast starting about 5:00 a.m.  You can also check the school system website for information about weather related closings.   If schools are operating on a delayed opening schedule students should report to their bus stop 1 hour later than their normal time for a 1-hour delay or 2 hours later for a 2-hour delay.
    Any absence from school for reasons other than those listed previously is considered unlawful. Excessive unexcused absences (more than 3 in a semester course or 10 in a yearlong course) may result in failing grades. In addition, students with excessive absences may be withdrawn from the program. In some cases this may require you to appear in court to explain your school status. 
    Tardy to School/Tardy to Class  
    There is no such thing as "better late than never." Punctuality is essential. If a student is detained by a teacher or in the office the student must ask for a late slip before going on to class. Repeated incidents of tardiness will be handled according to the Code of Student Conduct. Students who arrive at school after 9:30 a.m. must sign in at the security office. The parent or guardian should give the reason for the student’s tardiness when they sign in the student.
    Early Departures  
     A note from your parent or guardian is required for an early departure. The note must be given to your homeroom teacher first thing in the morning, so it can be noted on the daily attendance sheet. Students must be picked up by their parent or guardian. If someone else is to pick you up that information must be in the written request. When your parents (or whoever is picking you up) arrives, they must come into the main office and sign you out. Students will not be permitted to leave the building without an adult escort and written permission from the parent. 
    Make Up Work  
    A student with an excused absence is permitted one day for each day of absence to make up his/her work. It is the student’s responsibility to request missed work from teachers the day they return to school.  Parents may request assignments for students absent from school for extended periods of time (3 days or more). To do so, please contact the School Counselor at 301-209-3580. The counselor will notify teachers about the homework request. Please remember, teachers need 48 hours notice.  Homework should be picked up from the main office and returned to the school counselor.