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  • Whether a famous face or an accomplished alumni, Prince George’s County Public Schools is proud of their graduates who have excelled in their careers or made contributions to their community.

  • Jim Henson

    Puppeteer, Artist
    Northwestern High School
    Class of 1970

    Sugar Ray  Leonard

    Parkdale High School
    Class of 1974

    Martin Lawrence

    Eleanor Roosevelt High School
    Class of 1984

    Taraji P. Henson

    Oxon Hill High School
    Class of 1988

    Mya Harrison

    Eleanor Roosevelt High School
    Class of 1996

    Kathie Lee Gifford

    Television Host, Singer, News Reporter
    Bowie High School

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  • I had a wonderful high school experience that prepared me well for future success. My teachers were supportive and inspirational, and they encouraged me to work hard and pursue my passion for graphic design. I had many opportunities to get involved in extracurricular activities and clubs, and built friendships that have lasted a lifetime. The skills I developed through my business and keyboarding classes still serve me well to this day!

    - Lynn McCawley, Crossland High School, Class of 1980

    As a PGCPS graduate, I experienced genuine leadership. I appreciated how involved administration and teachers were with students. Their enthusiasm was contagious and students matched it with pride.

    - Rodney Lindsey, Frederick Douglass High School, Class of 2003

    “Prince George’s County Public Schools has afforded me the opportunity to do great things throughout my life and career. I’ve experienced great teachers, intellectual conversations, stimulating courses, and robust athletic programming. Most importantly, I’ve learned how to be a quality citizen. PGCPS plays a role in my success and I am proud that my children are getting similar experiences.

    - Dr. Paris Adon, Suitland High School, Class of 1997

    In the very halls of Nicholas Orem Middle School and High Point High School I learned the lessons that would matter most as an adult. I learned to respect authority, to appreciate those who are different from me, to be humble and listen to those who are coaching me along the way, to invest in friendships that would transcend college and career, to have a voice and an opinion about the world around me, to have fun and enjoy the moments as they come, to represent my school family with pride and to give back to others what was once given to me. These are the exact areas that currently drive my motivation in education now. It is an honor to serve our district, to love our students and to be PGCPS PROUD!

    - Judith White, High Point High School, Class of 1989