• Registration Parent Information

     Student Registration Requirements

    Parent or Guardian must provide ONLY ORIGINAL DOCUMENTS.

     1.  Parent/Guardian must be present to register with a government-issued Photo I.D. for parent or guardian.

    2.  Child’s Original Birth Certificate with parent’s name on it.

    3.  Child’s Current Immunization Record.

    4.  Custody or Court Documents if applicable.

    5.  Parent’s Proof of Residence (must be in the name of the parent who is registering the child):

    • Deed of Property with signatures on signature page and property address 
    • Current Monthly Mortgage Statement 
    • Lease or Rental Agreement with signatures on signature page 
    • Settlement Papers with signatures on signature page 
    • Property Tax Assessment Bill (current year) 
    • Letter From Apartment Complex on official letterhead 
    • Current Rental Receipt 

     6.  Two (2) current pieces of mail in parent’s name (from the past 30 days).  ONLINE DOCUMENTS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED!  Listed below are acceptable pieces of mail: 

    • Utility bill  
    • Bank statement 
    • Medical bill 
    • Car insurance policy 
    • Car registration  
    • Pay stub, credit card bill  
    • NON-cell phone bill  
    • Mail from government agencies for official correspondence.  

     7.  Shared Housing Form (if the residence is NOT in parent’s name), signed and dated by parent AND person you are living with, and notarized.  Also, proof of residence for the person you are living with (see above), and two (2) current pieces of mail for the person you are living with as well as yourself (see above). Shared Housing documents must be updated each school year to reflect a date no earlier than June preceding the opening of the next school year. 

    8.  Withdrawal Documentation from previous school attended (if applicable), including most recent report card and current grades.  A PGCPS school will provide withdrawal papers which include a copy of the birth certificate and immunization record, which are acceptable.

    9.  Student’s Social Security Card (optional).

    10.  Prekindergarten—Student must be 4 years old by September 1st.  Parent must provide Proof of Income:  last two (2) current paystubs from each parent.

    11.  Kindergarten—Student must be 5 years old by September 1st.

    Shared Housing documents must be updated each school year to reflect a date no earlier than June preceding the opening of the next school year. 

    A copy of all documents used as proof of residency will be retained indefinitely in the student's cumulative record file.

      Prince George’s County Public Schools

    Administrative Procedure 5111


    A.P. 5111, Page 2, #E – Proof of Residency

    E.     Residence verification must be provided by the parent or guardian for all students, including students enrolled in Special Education.  Proof of residence shall be a prerequisite of admission to the public schools; such proof MUST also be provided to school personnel with any change of residence.  Such proof must have the parent’s or court-appointed guardian’s name and address listed.  It must also be provided to school personnel with any changes in residence.  Proof of residence may be established by any of the following documents:  settlement papers, lease/rental agreement, current rental receipt, deed of property, mortgage statement, letter from apartment complex on official letterhead, or a current tax assessment bill.  These documents must be originals.  Settlement papers and lease/rental agreements must be signed and dated by all parties.  Additional items, including recent mail, may be required if there are concerns regarding the proof of residence.  The additional documents must be originals, not copies or online-generated.  These documents may include the following:  non-cellphone bill, utility bill, bank statement, mail from government agencies for official correspondence, hospital bill, car insurance policy, car registration, pay stub and/or credit card bill.  A copy of the proof of residence must be attached to the Student Registration Form, PA-14.  A Maryland driver’s license is NOT acceptable proof of residence.  Proof of residence is NOT a prerequisite for registering the homeless.

    A.P. 5111, Page 3, #F – Shared Housing

    F.       For families living with a relative or friend, a notarized Prince George’s County Public Schools Shared Housing Form, signed by both parties detailing the living arrangement, may be used as proof of residence with the following conditions:  (1) All parties must sign the notarized statement; (2) The relative or friend, with whom the parents reside, must show their proof of residence; (3) Additional proof of residence (more than one item) is required of the parent within 30 days.  Proof items may include a statement from an employer showing the new address, bank statements car registration, car insurance policy, government or official correspondence, etc.; and (4) The parent should be advised that the school system reserves the right to monitor this type of proof periodically or as needed, normally every 30 days.  NOTE:  A Shared Housing Form should only be used when the parent/guardian and the student are living with relatives or friends.  

     A.P. 5111, Page 3, #G – Transitional Grade

    G.  Updated proof of residency will be required at each transitional grade.  In addition, if the parent or legal guardian relocates during the school year, a new registration form must be completed and new proof of residency must be provided at that time.  The address on the documentation must match the address on the registration form. 


    Arrival Areas  
    • All students are to enter the building through the multipurpose room (cafeteria).
    • Car riders are to “kiss ‘n ride” (no parking) in the circle by the Oakcrest Community Center using the Capitol Heights Blvd. entrance (only school personnel may drive/enter in the main entrance between 7:00 a.m. and 8:30 a.m.). 
    • Buses and identified day care provider vans may use the Capitol Heights Blvd. entrance.  Upon entering make a left, and then proceed to the stop sign (away from the circle).  Drive into the parking area closest to the cafeteria (no cars are allowed to park in this area).  Parents who wish to enter the building may park in the parking area to the right of the Capitol Heights Blvd. entrance.


    Upon Arrival

    • All students may enter the building at 7:30 a.m. (no earlier).
    • Students in grades PreK  - 5th will go directly to the gymnasium and remain seated. 
    •  Students in grades 6th - 8th will go directly to their lockers then to their 1st period class.
    • Breakfast is served in the classroom from 7:30 a.m. to 7:45 a.m.
    • Send a note with your child in the morning if you plan to pick him/her up early (no early dismissal after 2:00 p.m.). 
    • In case of an emergency early pick-up, call the office.  Emergencies should not be daily and continuous (no early dismissal after 2:00 p.m.).
    • The bus dismissal process begins at or about 2:25 p.m.)  Parents may not enter the premises via the Marlboro Pike entrance after 1:45 p.m.   (This entrance is reserved for bus dismissal between 1:45 p.m. and 3:00 p.m.).
    • Walkers, van riders, and parent pick-ups are dismissed at 2:25 p.m.  Remember, it takes time for all the students to exit the building safely.  Parents must wait for students outside by the designated dismissal area.

    Dismissal Areas

    • Pre-K to 2nd grade students will be dismissed from the main hallway.
    • Grades 3rd to 5th will be dismissed from the back hallway.
    • Middle school students will be dismissed from their bus room.