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    William W. Hall Academy’s Counseling Department


    The students at William W. Hall Academy are lifelong learners who graduate high school and are ready for college.  All students learn and demonstrate peace, pride and safety supported by a comprehensive school counseling program.  The program works with students, families, teachers and the community to produce leaders who treat others with respect, value learning, and make a difference in our school and in the lives of others.


    The mission of the William Hall Academy’s counseling program is to provide every student with the tools to persevere through difficulties they may encounter as they prepare themselves for college.  The school counselor will work with families, staff and the community to create a positive learning environment where students strive to be caring citizens who are respectful of the ideas of others.


    1.  Classroom lessons.  Mr. Smith visits classrooms to teach all classes skills they will need for making decisions and resolving problems peacefully.  Study skills and career awareness are an important part of the curriculum.

    2.  Individual counseling.  Mr. Smith meets with students on an individual basis when a student is struggling with a social, emotional or academic problem.  He focuses on solutions to the problem to assist students in meeting their school goals.  There are three ways to see Mr. Smith: a student may request a meeting, a teacher may ask Mr. Smith to meet with a student, or a parent may ask Mr. Smith to meet with their son or daughter.   

    3. Group counseling.  Sometimes there are a group of students experiencing similar issues who may benefit from a weekly or bi-weekly group.  Some of the topics Mr. Smith has covered before are: divorce, social skills, study skills and friendship.  Mr. Smith will give the students a needs assessment survey at the beginning of the year to identify common concerns.  If Ms. Smith and/or teachers feel that a small group would be beneficial, he will invite members and obtain parent permission. 

     4. Working with parents.  Mr. Smith is here to work with every parent at William Hall.  If your student is having any difficulty at school, please do not hesitate to contact Mr. Smith.  He can meet with students individually, set up a conference with your student's teacher, direct you to community resources or just give you an update on how your student is doing.  Feel free to send a email to Kevin5.smith@pgcps.org and ask to speak to him.  If he is not available, please leave a message on voicemail. 

    5. Working with teachers.  Mr. Smith collaborates daily with the teachers and staff at Smith William Hall Academy.  He works with them to support their students in and out of the classroom.  He gains an understanding of how the student is doing and talks with the teacher about the best strategies to help the student achieve their personal best. 

    6. Student planning.  Mr. Smith monitors student academic and behavioral data to create plans to help those who need it.  He meets with other staff members to identify and solve problems that arise.   

    7. Advocacy.  Students at William Hall Academy are Mr. Smith's first priority and he will do everything he can to encourage and support them.  He believes in getting to know every student by name.   

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