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  • Uniform Policy

    Uniform Policy/Dress Code

     William Beanes has a mandatory uniform policy. Please contact school if you are not certain of which type of uniform clothing to purchase. Any parent concerns regarding the policy should be directed to the Principal.

    Jewelry: No medium or large hoop earrings and no bracelets. Necklaces should be worn inside the shirts or blouses
    White collared blouse with short or long sleeves. No blue trim or pockets
    Only solid white turtlenecks or solid white undergarments under a blouse
    All shirts are to worn tucked in and hanging out!
    Solid navy blue skirts
    No long skirts (safety issue) or cargo skirts
    Solid navy blue jumpers
    We encourage girls to wear shorts under their and jumpers for coverage during P.E. and recess. (The lycra biker shorts seem to be the least restricting and bulky.)
    Solid navy blue official uniform pants
    Black belt is mandatory if the outfit has belt loops. No colorful or rhinestone belts.
    Solid navy blue official button down sweater or sweater vest-waist length
    White or navy blue socks/tights.
    Dress shoes or sneakers-(Sneakers for P.E.)
    Solid red cross-tie is optional

    Jewelry: Necklaces and key chains should be worn inside of the shirts.
    White collared dress shirt with short or long sleeves
    Only solid white turtlenecks or white undergarments under a shirt
    All shirts are to be worn tucked in and not hanging out!
    Solid navy blue uniform/dress pants-No Cargo Pants
    Black belt is mandatory. No colorful of rhinestone belts.
    Solid navy blue uniform sweater or sweater vest
    White calf length or longer athletic sock
    Dress shoes or dark sneakers - (Sneakers for P.E.)
    Solid red necktie is optional

    Hot Weather Option:
    During August, September, May and June, or dates specified by the Principal, students may wear:
    White polo shirt short/long sleeve
    Solid navy blue skorts (for girls) - knee length
    Solid navy blue skorts (for boys and girls) - Knee long
    White sneakers 

    During cold or wet weather, students may wear boots to school but must change into dress shoes or sneakers!!!!