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    Emergency Weather Codes

    Taken from Administrative Procedure 2565.1 on Employee Attendance During Inclement Weather and Other Emergency Conditions and Codes.

    Effective October 15, 2013, per updated AP2565.1 , a new Administrative Procedure was issued governing employee attendance during inclement weather and other emergency conditions. This year, the Administrative Procedure has been reissued to provide guidelines on employee attendance during certain emergency conditions, and to identify the various levels of personnel.

    When it becomes necessary to cancel the opening of schools and/or Central and Regional Offices, or close early due to either inclement weather or other emergencies, the following announcement will be made to area radio and television stations:

    “Prince George’s County Public Schools are closed. A Code _______ is in effect for all employees.”

    1. Code Orange - Schools and offices will open with a two hour delay. EMERGENCY PERSONNEL must report to work on time and are not eligible for liberal leave 

    2. Code Green – Schools are closed. All 12-month employees are to report on time.

    3. Code Blue – Schools are closed. Central and Regional Offices will open two hours late. All 12-month personnel are expected to report. A Liberal Leave policy will be in effect for non-emergency personnel. Liberal Leave means that employees may elect to use annual leave, or leave without pay if no annual leave balance is available, without advance approval from their leave granting authority. However, employees electing to use Liberal Leave must notify their leave granting authority that they intend to do so for that day. EMERGENCY PERSONNEL must report to work on time and are not eligible for Liberal Leave.

    4. Code Yellow – Schools are closed. All Offices are closed. EMERGENCY PERSONNEL only must report to work.

    5. Code Red – The school system is closed for all personnel.

    Please note carefully and display prominently the new codes. In addition to the codes, the Administrative Procedure and Negotiated Contract defines the various levels of personnel and provides direction for school-based and non-school-based personnel.

    Procedures for Delayed Openings