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    How to request a student record

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    Access to Student Records

    All student records are available for review with a school employee present, unless court restricted access has been issued, by a custodial or non-custodial parent, legal guardian, or eligible student (age 18 or older).  Arrangements for reviewing a student's record should be scheduled by the school within 3 days of receipt of a request.

    A parent or eligible student may have a third party participate in the review.  If an attorney wishes to review the records, the school must be informed in wrinting, at least seven days in advance to ensure that the Board of Education attorney is available to be present.

    Release of Student Records

    When a student transfers to another Prince George's County Public School, all student records are sent to that school.  Students transferring to another Maryland public school, minimal records are transferred without signed, parental permission.  The release of any part of a student's record to any non-Maryland public school, private school or third party requires signed parental permission.  The only exception to this requirement is compliance with a court order, subpoena, or state statute.

    School Related Information

    Non custodial parents may receive copies of school related information such as newsletters, calendars, etc. by making arrangements with the school. The copying and mailing costs may be prepaid or paid at the end of the school year.

    Dispute of Content in a Student's Record

    Parents, guardians, or an eligible student (18 or older) may challenge an item in the student's record by contacting the school principal. If a further challenge is necessary after the principal has reviewed the item, appeals may be made at each level to:

    1. Associate Superintendent 
    2. Chief Executive Officer
    3. The Board of Education, and finally,
    4. The US Department of Education.

    If the matter remains unresolved, the parent/guardian or student (18 or older) may have their own related statement included in the student's record.