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                All students are expected to attend school regularly in accordance with The Public Schools Laws and Bylaws of Maryland 1984.  According to Bylaw 13A.08.01.02, “Absence from school, including absence for any portion of the day, of students who are presently enrolled in public schools shall be considered lawful only under the following conditions:  death in the immediate family, illness of the child, quarantine, court summons, violent storms, work or activity approved or sponsored by the school or the local school system, or the state education agency, observance of a religious holiday, or state emergency.”


                When your child returns to school after an absence, you must send a note to the teacher advising him/her of the reason for your child’s absence. If your child is absent for a few days because of illness, do not be concerned about assignments.  Teachers will review missed work when a child returns to school.  If a student is absent five or more days, you may call and request assignments from a teacher.   


               We urge you to make every effort to have your child at school on time each day.  The beginning of the day is extremely important for students and teachers.  When a child arrives late the class and teacher are inconvenienced and the late student is unaware of instruction that has already been given.  In addition, arriving on time is a habit that we attempt to establish with all children at a young age. Your cooperation with this will be greatly appreciated. 


               If you must pick your child up from school before the regular dismissal time, please come to the school office and sign our book for early departures. Please be advised that we cannot release your child with someone other than a family member unless we have received written permission for such action.  This precaution is in the interest of maintaining your child’s security.  


                Certain events such as dangerous road or walking conditions, excessive heat or cold, pollution emergencies, or other problems may make it advisable to modify the usual school opening or closing schedule.  Local school personnel are not responsible for the final decision to close school. Such decisions will be made by the Superintendent or her designee. Announcements regarding delayed opening, early closing, or school closure for the day will be broadcast over the following radio and television stations:  


    Our county reporting system for grades 1-5 provides for four contacts to report pupil progress during the school year.  These will include one parent-teacher conference and three report cards that are sent home with the children.

                Students in Headstart and grade 1 will receive EM, ND, IP, PR.  Students in grades 2-5 will receive letter grades of A, B, C, D, or E based upon individual performance according to the teacher’s estimate of a student’s ability.

                Guidelines established by our staff for the determination of these grades will be distributed to you at the beginning of the school year.

                If your child’s progress is unsatisfactory in any subject during the year, you will receive a progress report.  This will be sent home with the student at the midpoint of each grading period or as soon thereafter as it becomes apparent that a child is failing.  All progress reports should be signed by a parent and returned to the teacher so that we will know that you have received them.


    Students in grade 1 receive Honor Roll for PR's. Students in grades 2-5 receive Honor Roll for an A or B average, and Distinguished Honors for all A's. Students receive Good Student awards for an A or B average in Work Habits and Social Skills. Students are honored at a quarterly assembly; they receive a certificate and Honor Roll ribbon.


    The Health Room is available during the school day to handle minor injuries and illnesses that occur at school.  If an injury or illness requires parental and/or medical attention, the School Nurse (or other school personnel) will notify the parent/guardian or designated emergency contact.  We must have a current, working emergency contact number.

    Attendance at school is very important – if a child is not present, he/she cannot learn.  However, if your child has a fever, is vomiting, or is extremely uncomfortable from other symptoms, please keep him/her at home.  If your child is going to be absent, or late to school, please call and leave a brief message.  The School Nurse attempts to contact every absentee each day (if we have not heard from the parent/guardian), so calling with this information is very helpful.

    Certain medical conditions require proof of treatment before your child can be readmitted to school.  Please use the following guidelines before sending your child back to school.

    1. Pink eye or ringworm of the scalp require a doctor’s note indicating that treatment is in progress and the student may return to school.

    2. Ringworm of the body or extremities requires proof of treatment (such as sales receipt and packaging from treatment product, or a doctor’s note): lesions must be covered while at school.

    3. Head lice requires proof of treatment as stated above, and the student must be free of all nits before returning to school.


    The Board of Education recognizes homework as an integral and necessary part of the educational program for each student.  Homework is a learning activity related to instruction which is presented within the school.  The purposes of homework are to reinforce, supplement, and enrich work done in the classroom, provide for individual interests, promote a competency in skills and content learning, help students to manage time effectively, apply acquired knowledge, and enable students to use a variety of sources of information.

    Homework is given on a regular basis at Springhill Lake. At the beginning of the school year each teacher will send home a copy of the homework policy for the class.  Students in grades one through five are required to write down these daily homework assignments, preferable in assignment books that are to be used throughout the year.  When the homework is completed each day, parents should sign the assignment book to verify that all work has been done.  Parents are urged to provide support for their children as they do their homework.  Some suggestions are: provide a quiet place to study (turn the TV down, or better, off), set a specific study time, be firm in following through with the homework assignment, keep pencils, paper, etc., for the children to use.  If your child indicates that he/she has no homework for several days, please contact the teacher.

    Check the student agenda nightly for homework assignments:



               Our school uses a computerized meal program.  All enrolled students are issued a 4 or 5 digit PIN# and a corresponding meal account.  A student’s PIN# remains the same each year as long as they are enrolled at Springhill Lake.  At mealtime the students enter their PIN# on a keypad located next to the cashierAll students are encouraged to deposit money in their student accounts.  This ensures that all students have money in their account in case they have forgotten their lunch for the day or another emergency arises.  Meal, milk and A la carte costs will then be deducted at the time of the purchase.    If students have enough money in their meal accounts, the price of the meal will be automatically be deducted from the account balance.  If the account balance is zero, the students will have to pay for the meal out-of-pocket. It is important that each student memorize their PIN#.  This number is confidential, therefore the number must not be given to other students.  Students are asked to put money on their accounts in the morning before going to their classroom. 

              The price of lunch has increased to $2.70 for students (this includes milk).  Children who bring lunch from home may purchase milk for $.40 or juice for $.35 a carton. Students put money on their account before going to their classroom in the morning. To add money to your student's account online using a debit or credit card visit to set-up, review, and add money to your child’s account. The account balance follows the student as long as they are enrolled in a Prince George's County Public School.

                   ALL families are REQUIRED to submit an online lunch form at . If your child received free or reduced lunch last year, you are still REQUIRED to submit a new form. Their status from the previous year will remain in effect until September 30, 2015. Once the applications are submitted, you will receive an approval sheet confirming your child's status.

                Please assist us in helping your child remember his/her lunch money.  Forgotten lunch money results in time away from morning learning.  If you have any questions call our Cafeteria Manager, at 301-513-5996.


                The recess period is a regular part of our school program.  It consists of a daily supervised period of free play on our playground.  During inclement weather recess is held in the classrooms.

               All children are expected to participate in recess unless they have a medical problem which prevents them from doing so.  If a medical condition exists, it should be substantiated by a doctor’s certificate which should be sent to the teacher. The teacher will also inform the nurse. If a teacher does not receive such a note, the student will participate in the recess program.  


                   Board of Education Policy 616.1 states that no pupil may be advanced to a higher grade unless the pupil, in addition to receiving a passing grade:

    1. Returns such textbooks and other education materials, as were originally assigned, to appropriate school personnel in a satisfactory condition, or

    2. Reimburses the school for lost or damaged textbooks or other similar education materials, or

    3. Makes other satisfactory arrangements with the principal concerning the textbooks or other similar education materials

    When books are assigned by number to your child, he/she is given the opportunity to examine the text, record its condition, and sign a textbook assignment form which is kept on file until the book is returned.  If the book is not returned in satisfactory condition, the student must pay for this book.

    All textbooks which are used by students for homework on a regular basis should be covered throughout the school year.  This includes mathematics, reading, spelling, English, science books and dictionaries.  Students will not be permitted to take these textbooks to and from school unless they are covered.  Any type of book cover orsturdy paper may be used.  Because of the increase in textbook costs and the budget restrictions which we are facing, we urge parents to help us as we attempt to teach our students responsibility in taking care of school property.


                The school telephone is for business calls only. Necessary plans should be made with your child prior to leaving home in the morning. 

    Students will be allowed to use the office and classroom telephones only for emergencies.  Parents are asked to help their children remember books, homework, lunch money, music instruments, etc.  Plans for after school activities should be made before students leave home in the morning.  


    The Springhill Lake PTA will have general meetings for the school year quarterly. Announcements will be sent home.  


    School Patrols

               We are very proud of our safety patrols and feel that we are fortunate to have a well organized, efficient, and dependable Patrol Program.  Staff members select the patrols on the basis of leadership, reliability, and punctuality.   The patrols serve us in many ways at school, on the buses, and on our street corners.   Please encourage your children to obey and respect the patrols as they help us to promote safety in our school community.


                We urge all parents to discuss the problems involved when children walk in the street and on other people’s property.  All children should be instructed to cross ONLY where our crossing guards are on duty.
                 Parents are urged to discuss the safety of the route which walkers use and encourage their children to walk along the route recommended by school personnel.  Patrols are provided only on the routes that are approved by the school system.

    Bus Riders

                If your child rides a school bus, please discuss with him/her the following Student Bus Rider Responsibilities as determined by the school system:

    1.         Be at designated stop five to ten minutes prior to pick-up time.

    2.         Ride only the bus to which assigned.

    3.         Get on and off the bus at the stop nearest your home.

    4.         Remain seated while bus is in motion; keep noise down by talking in normal conversational tones only; maintain normal classroom standard of conduct.

    5.         No eating, drinking, or smoking on bus, no animals or other non-school related objects should be taken onto the bus.

    6.         Do not extend arms, hands, head, or any object from windows, or throw any object from the bus.

                Riding the school bus is a privilege that will be denied if a child’s behavior is unacceptable and endangers the safety of other students.

                Each bus is called by its color instead of the actual bus number which is painted on the bus.  The color will be on cardboard posted in the right side window of the bus.  Please help your child learn his/her color so that each student will get on the right bus to return home.


    Free breakfast in the classroom available for all students. Breakfast hours are 7:30 - 7:40 am.

    Our instructional hours are 7:45 am to 1:55 pm for students in grades K-5.  When arriving late, students must enter through the main doors and obtain a tardy slip from the main office.

    Children who walk to school or ride in private cars should not arrive at school before 7:35 a.m. for breakfast.  



    Springhill Lake is a uniform school. Students are expected to wear a white, light blue, or navy collared short, navy bottoms, and closed-toe shoes. Jeans are not permitted.


               Visitors at Springhill Lake (including all parents) are requested to report to the office as soon as they enter the building.  All visitors and parent volunteers should sign in and receive a Visitor or Volunteer badge to wear while they are in the school.  It is important for the safety and instruction of our children that visitors do not go to the classrooms until after they have checked into the office.             

                Teachers and other staff members may be seen by appointment but should not be interrupted during class.  If you wish to have a conference, please call the office or send a note with your child.

                If you bring something to your child or need to pick your child up during the day, please come to the office and we will assist you there.  


    Parent volunteers are a very important part of our school program.

    After completing a background check, parents assist us in many ways: working with individual or small groups of students, assisting teachers with clerical duties, working in the Media Center, serving as chaperones on field trips or room parents for parties, special activities, etc.  Volunteers wear a Volunteer badge, and all sign in and out in our volunteer notebook that is kept on the office counter. 
    If you are willing to help your child’s teacher in any way, please sent a note or call and leave a message in the school office. Watch for a notice about volunteering in our newsletter.