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    First graders were very busy in the month of December. The students continued to learn addition and subtraction strategies. The students also began working with blends and word endings. In Science, the students learned about different habitats and parts of a plant. In Social Studies and Health students started learning about needs and wants. To close out the month, the students had a great time during our Winter Celebration.

    In the month of January, students will be learning new skills from our Reading and Math Curriculum. In Reading, our students will: Use the writing process to proofread and publish their writing. Learn to understand a story and its problem by applying cause and effect strategies. Substitute sounds in order to make and read words with long vowel sounds.
    • Tell Time to the hour and half hour on a digital and analog clock 
    • Solve word problems. 
    • Continue learning new addition and subtraction strategies to solve problems.
    Students will continue to learn Earth Science.

    Social Studies:
    Students will be learning about jobs and responsibility.

    Students will continue learning different ways to be healthy by making healthy choices.

    • Have students log into for extra practice with reading (iRead) and math (Dreambox).
    • Parents please replenish your child’s school supplies (pencils, erasers, crayons, scissors, glue, etc.) 
    • As parents you are partners in your child’s education. We appreciate all the work you do with your children already and hope for you continued support. 
    • Please continue to review graded work with your child nightly. The homework assigned nightly reflects what your child is learning throughout the day, please review homework with your child to ensure accuracy. Also, continue to read with your child each and every day. In addition, we need to improve our attendance. School starts promptly at 7:45 am. If your child is absent, please remember to write an excuse note.


    Happy New Year! The school year is moving rapidly along. The 1st semester will end on January 24, 2020. 

    Reading: We are wrapping up in Unit 2 and begin unit 3 at the end of the month. We will continue to study the author’s purpose, sequence-plot, main idea and details, and demonstrate using text features. Please continue to review these skills. In Unit 3 we will begin learning: • Story elements (character, setting, plot) • Compare & Contrast (Expository) • Personal Narrative • Prefix and Suffix • Vowel sounds short and long • Nouns and commas in a series Please continue studying for weekly spelling test and review at home daily. Reading is very important. The Developmental Reading Assessment is coming up soon. Student should demonstrate reading on grade level or above 


    Mathematics:  This month, we will be focusing on adding and subtracting two and three digit numbers with regrouping. Our students will learn and master the skills necessary to be successful with knowing various ways to add and subtract using various strategies. To do this, they will be selecting and using appropriate tools such as base 10 blocks and the hundreds charts. Also, they will be relating addition and subtraction to length. To get extra help with Math, please encourage them to visit the following websites: dreambox iread my own These can be found on our school website in clever. 


    Social Studies During the month of January, we will be learning in Chapter 3: “The World Around Us”. This chapter consists of six (8) lessons. These lessons include map skills, Our Earth, landforms and water bodies, weather and climate, our environment, and moving ideas, people and things. 


    Science:  We will continue work on Earth’s and Weather, Season and Space Science. In this chapter, we will be learning about the different kinds of bad weather, the effects of the weather on the seasons, and charting/graphing our favorites seasons. We will also learn about our solar system. 


    Health: Chapter 7 Staying Safe: Staying Safe Around Water Staying Safe Around Animals Staying Safe at School Staying Safe on Wheels 

    Upcoming Important Dates: 

      January 2 Return to school 

      January 3, 6 and 8 HBO Science Center Field Trip 

      January 20 MLK Holiday School Closed

     3rdgradenews   Field Trip to Maryland Science Center on Jan 24th the cost is $20 per student


     5thgradenews   Students of the Month: Kennedy Owens and Braxton Bond Reading/ELA: Writing Workshop Imaginative Story Selection: The Egypt Game Assessments: Map Growth, SLO Post Math: Multiplying and Dividing Decimals and Multiplying Fractions Assessments: Map Growth, SLO Post Social Studies: Roads to Revolution American Revolution Timeline Project Science: Matter Structures and Changes The Elephant Toothpaste Health: The Crazy Mixed up Emotions



    Google Classroom: It is now a schoolwide initiative to utilize Google Classroom for instruction. Our team has already started using it for classwork and homework. Please note that students are responsible for completing assignments, whether they have a school device or not. If you are inquiring about tasks, the assignments and class announcements will be posted on Google Classroom. However, the student grades will remain in SchoolMax.

    Laptop Usage & Fee: We would like to thank all the parents and students for submitting their laptop agreement and fee. We have about 75% of our students using their laptops daily. Our goal is to have 100% of our students with one-to-one devices.

    Parent-Teacher Conferences: There will be a new link sent this month for parents that would like to schedule a parent-teacher conference

    STEM Projects: The STEM fair projects were officially assigned to all classes on Tuesday, November 12th. The final project is due January 15, 2020 

    PBIS & Behavior Reports: Please remember the weekly behavior report every Friday from the homeroom teacher and expected to be returned on Monday with a parent signature. Keep in mind these behavior reports provide you with areas of improvement for your child.

    7th-8th Grade Field Trip: The middle students will be attending the Maryland Science Center on January 24th. The cost of the field trip is $20.All permission slips and money will be due on January 21.

    Units & Topics

    Subject 7th Grade 8th Grade
    Social Studies  

    creative arts3
    Art: We are focusing on creating more crafts this month with kindergarten through 5th grade to explore paper-crafting in different ways. The middle school students are working on their literacy task project about artist statements. Band: Happy New Year! Students in the Middle School Band are excited because this month we are beginning new repertoire with some new, fun concepts! Students are beginning to rehearse a piece entitled Ayre and Dance, which features the clarinet and trumpet sections playing contrasting styles. We will also begin a piece entitled, Camaroon, which features the percussion section, who will be learning to use several accessories such congas, bongos, suspended symbol, and claves. The elementary instrumental classes are continuing the beginning steps on their instruments and will be learning to read and play several new rhythms and notes this month. One favorite song this unit is called Donkey Round. In this song students practice playing quarter rests as well as playing in a round. Students love how you can almost picture a donkey saying “heehaw” while playing this song! Technology Concepts: Last Month All first through sixth-grade students participated in the Hour of Code. They learned about algorithms and programming. They completed various online activities on This Month Kindergartners have mastered logging-in. Now, we will learn to log-off. We will also continue to supplement our literacy skills with various educational apps and sites. First through third grade will focus on using the Internet and digital resources in order to gain new information. Fourth and fifth grade will be delving more deeply into circuits and programming using Chibitronics and Microbits. Middle School Sixth grade is beginning production on their student film entries for The PGCPS Film Festival. They completed the pre-production phase prior to the holiday break. They collaborated in production teams to develop story ideas, write scripts, and create storyboards. Camera Operators (cinematographers) practiced using video cameras. All students learned about camera shots and movement. They are now shooting their films. They will use the last week of the quarter to edit and finalize their film projects. Media: “It’s SNOW better time for a good book!” Our Media Center has “SNOW” many good books! Please encourage our learners to check out a book about winter, weather phenomenon, etc. Throughout January, our learners will continue their quest in learning how to be independent and effective users of our Media Center. This month, our focus for primary grades will be on choosing “just right” books via “The Goldilocks” and “Five-Finger” rules. Our intermediate grade level learners will continue lessons on being “Good Digital Citizens”. They have transitioned from cyberbullying and appropriate online behavior to discovering how to avoid plagiarism and copyright infringement by correctly citing sources. All learners will continue to access various PGCPS-sponsored, interactive, digital tools such as Read, Write, Think; Padlet, Kahoot!, etc. If you are interested, please email me ( for a link to an AWESOME reading activity calendar for the month of January (available in English AND Spanish)! Finally, I am sad to report, there are still lots of outstanding fines and overdue books for our SPMA families. Thank you, in advance, for helping our learners find their missing books and/or paying their fines!