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    2nd Grade News

    November Newsletter 

    Second Grade

    Happy Harvest Time!  The school year is moving rapidly along.


    We are wrapping up in Unit 1. Please continue to review the following skills after reading a story. 

    Students will identify the main idea, supporting details and story elements.

    In Unit 2 will be reading about Animal Discoveries. How do animals survive?

    We will be working on the following skills this month . These skills can be practiced at home:

    • Story elements (character, setting, plot)
    • Compare & Contrast (Expository)
    • Personal Narrative
    • Prefix
    • Vowel sounds short and long
    • Nouns and commas in a series

    Please continue studying for weekly the spelling test and review the words daily at home.

    MyOn.com and I-Ready are websites that are helpful in reading.  They may be accessed through Clever.com


    This month, we will be focusing on Measurement and Data.  Our students will learn and master the skills necessary to successfully measure lengths of objects in inches, feet, centimeters, and meters.   

    To do this, they will be selecting and using appropriate tools such as rulers, yardsticks, meter sticks, and measuring tapes.  Also, they will be using addition and subtraction when determining measurement.

    To get extra help with Math, please encourage them to visit the following websites:




    Social Studies

    During the month of November, we will be learning Chapter 2: “Working to Meet our Needs.”  This chapter consists of six (6) lessons.  

    These lessons include needs and wants; making good choices; producing and consuming goods; service workers and their jobs; trading for goods and services; and making choices about money.


    We will continue work on Earth’s Weather and Seasons.  In this chapter, we will be learning about the different kinds of bad weather, the effects of the weather on the seasons, and charting/graphing our favorites seasons.


    During this month, we will be discussing the various ways of taking care of your teeth.

    Dates To Remember

    November 5               Early Dismissal

    November 6               School Closed Election Day

    November 12             Parent Teacher Conference

    November 15             Report Cards 

    November 22-25       Thanksgiving BreakNovember  29.           Field Trip (Port Discovery)