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    Navigating the World Wide Web - Guidelines for Safe Travel on the Internet

    The increasing availability of technology creates both opportunities and risks for students. Since the potential for harm from the misuse of technology (especially on the Internet) is significant, our school has established guidelines by which students can use the Internet in a legal, safe, productive and ethical manner. To ensure everyone's safety, our students agree to the following:

    I will not use chat lines or instant messaging while I'm at school.

    I will visit only those sites that are related to my school work. If I come across a site that makes me feel uncomfortable, I will tell my teacher.

    I will respect all copyright laws by giving credit to the author.

    I will not intentionally destroy or alter another student's files.

    I will keep my password a secret.

    I will be polite and use appropriate language when using the computer to communicate.

    I will not use email or any site on the Internet to hurt others in any way.

    I will take care of the equipment in the classroom and/or lab.

    I will not give out personal information such as an address or telephone number.

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    Consequences for not following the guidelines:

    Restricted Internet access

    Loss of Internet access

    Disciplinary action by school administration as outlined in the Student Code of Conduct