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    Meet our Lewisdale Staff...

    Kindergarten Team

           Kgn Staff

    Mrs. J. Lopez, Mrs. Rochelle, Ms. Colón, Mrs. Concepción and Mrs. Perez
     1st Grade Team
     1st grade team
    Ms. Chang (ESOL), Ms. Smith (Paraprofessional), Ms. Speller, Ms. Flakes, Ms. Nelson, Mrs. Kirkpatrick,
     Ms. Ananaba (SpEd), Ms. Romero and Ms. Sendze (ESOL)
     2nd Grade Team
     2nd grade team

        Mrs. Taylor, Mrs. Caulkins (ESOL), Mrs. Zguir, Mrs. Maggiacomo, Mrs. Powell,  Mrs. A. Lopez,

     Ms. Pearson (Paraprofessional), Ms. Ananaba (SpEd) and Mrs. Yang (ESOL)


     3rd Grade Team

      3rd gd team

    Ms. Sendze, ESOL, Mrs. Yang, ESOL, Mrs. Brooks, Ms. Miller, Mrs. Hill & Ms. Gosselin


     4th Grade Team

     4th grade team

    Ms. Gonzales (ESOL), Mrs. Johnson, Ms. Breeden (SpEd), Ms. Frost (Paraprofessional),

     Mrs. Brown, Ms. Lewis and Mrs. Black


      5th Grade Team

     5th grade team

       Ms. Nichols, Mrs. Sampson, Mrs. Rouget, Ms. Cusson, Mrs. Harris and Ms. Lee


     Office Staff

     Office Staff

    Mr. Green (Testing), Ms. Negrón, Mrs. Chavez (PEA), Ms. Josiah (RN) and Mrs. Garcia-Duenas