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  • Physical Education

     Teacher Contact Information:      

     Mrs. Elizabeth Norris, DC                           

     Mr. Michael Mayo                                   

     Mr. Torrence Oxendine                         

                                                               Mrs. Aubrie Santuccio-Wever                                                                                                                       



    I.             Course Description

          Our physical education program offers students a variety of interesting, worthwhile and enjoyable co-educational activities that will contribute to their physical fitness, athletic skills, emotional growth, and well being.  Students who successfully complete the semester will earn ½ credit toward graduation.  Personal Fitness Class is a requirement for graduation.

     II.            Instructional Philosophy

          Our goal is to help students be successful in all areas of the physical education program and to encourage students to develop an interest in physical activities that may carry over into their adult lives. 

     III.          Assessment Plan/Grading Factors

    Classwork                                                                                                                                            70%

     A. Preparation (10pts) and Participation (10pts)                                                                                         

    1. Students are required to report to their squad on time.  

    THIS MEANS SEATED BEFORE BELL.                                                                             

    Failure to do so will result in a tardy.  

     Each tardy will cause you to lose 5 out of 10 points for participation.

     3 tardies = 1 hour detention after school.

     2. Students are required to dress in the required uniform everyday(plain grey t-shirt, plain black bottoms, tennis shoes) 

    Failure to do so will result in loss of points for participation.

    HD = Half dressed loss of 5 out of 10 points for preparation.

    ND = Not dressed loss of 10 out of 10 points for preparation.

    3 ND or 6 HD = 1 hour detention after school.

    3. Students are required to participate in warm-ups, manipulative skills, movement concepts, performance based outcomes, and personal fitness, weight lifting or team sports (depending which class you are enrolled in) everyday. 

    Failure to do so will result in a loss of points for participation 

    B. Written in class assignments 

    1. Students will complete all written worksheets, article critiques, and handouts given as in class assignments.  (unless specified as an assessment) 

     Homework                                                                                                                                           10%

     A.  All work begun/completed outside the classroom/gymnasium which 

     may include but not limited to journals, written reports, projects, and  

    other assignments. 

     Assessment (Written and Skill Evaluation):                                                                                20%

    A. Students may be graded on, but not limited to skills tests, written tests, rubrics, task cards,  

     FitnessGram, pre and post tests, peer/self evaluations, knowledge of rules, strategies, and techniques of various sports/games, skill achievement tests, athletic progress and proficiency and individual and team achievement. 

     Points are deducted for the following (see below for examples but not limited too):

     -Not dressed in required uniform                                                                                                            -5 - 10 points 

     -Not participating                                                                                                                                    -5 - 10 points 

     -Unexcused absence (points will be deducted from both preparation and participation grade)             -10 points each 

     -Wearing the LHS School uniform under the PE uniform                                                                      -5 - 10 points 

    -Unexcused tardy to class                                                                                                                        -5 points 

                                  -Disregard for safety and health factors                                                                                                   -5 points                                                                                                                  

    -Failure to perform warm-ups and exercises                                                                                           -5 points 

    -Failure to follow any of the rules or regulations                                                                                     -1  - 10 points 

    -Leaving class early/without permission                                                                                                -10 points 

    -Skipping class                                                                                                                                        -20 points          


     IV.          Uniform

     -The Board of Education Policy 6161.6 states “Required attire is knee-length loose fitting solid black shorts and a plain gray loose fitting sleeved t-shirt, appropriate foot apparel (sneakers), and solid black sweat pants and a plain gray sweat shirt for colder weather. Students must have this attire available prior to beginning of their physical education course.”  

     -Uniforms must be cleaned on a regular weekly basis (minimum).

     -Hard sole shoes/ “Timberlands” are not permitted on the gym floor. 

     V.    Locks/locker 

       Each student will be given a locker in the locker room. All students are required to bring a personal combination lock  for PE class.  We are not responsible for lost or stolen articles of personal property. Please do not bring large sums of money or valuables to class.  Do NOT share your locker or lock combinations with ANYONE!  

     *Locker combinations will be written down and given to your teacher to keep ONLY to be used if you forget your combination.  *Purchasing a lock and a notebook (composition or spiral) and bringing it in will be your first and second homework assignment!  This is due next class! Yes it will count as a grade!

    VI.   Rules and Regulations

    It is the sole responsibility of the student to dress in the required uniform and participate daily. Points will be deducted for      

    not dressing in the required uniform or for lack of participation. 

    Students must get permission from the teacher prior to being excused for other school activities. Completion of a written     

    assignment will be required and it is the students responsibility to come and get any missed assignments. Failure to obtain prior approval will result in points deducted. 

    Students must be seated in their squads before the bell rings. ID’s SHOULD BE SHOWING.  Points will be deducted for an unexcused tardy if these. 

    After dressing, students must report directly back to the gym and be seated in their squads within six minutes of being  released to the locker rooms.  Points will be deducted for not reporting and sitting in assigned squad on time. 

     *Once the class begins, the locker room will be locked. Students may not return to the locker room until the teacher dismisses class. 

     *Students must remain in the locker room until the teacher dismisses them from class.  

     *Students are accountable to all physical education instructors. 

     *The following is strictly prohibited: 

     -ANY type of electronic device(s) in class (ask your teacher for their exact policy)

     -Horseplay/inappropriate behavior, Loud/inappropriate language, Disruptive/disrespectful behavior

     -Food/drink (exception of water with a screw on top) /gum

     VII.         Medical Excuses

     County policy requires a physician’s statement if a student is unable to participate for three or more days. Students will not be  

     excused from class on a daily basis. Parental notes from home will not be honored. 

     Attendance is an important aspect of your education at Laurel High School.  In accordance with Prince George’s County Public Schools’ Administrative Procedure 5113, Pupil Attendance and Absence, “five (5) days of unlawful absence per semester in a semester course, or ten (10) days of unlawful absence per year in a full year course shall result in a grade (‘N”) for a course.”  Additionally, students will receive a zero (0) for all work done on the day of an unexcused absence and will not be given the opportunity to make up work missed because of an unlawful absence.  

     When absent, a student has two (2) days in which to bring in a note that excuses him/her for the absence.  After that time, the absence becomes unexcused.  The reason for the absence must be stated in the note.  This note must be given to the main office who will issue an attendance form (PA-1) to the student.  This form will denote whether the absence is lawful (excused) or unlawful (unexcused).  It is the student’s responsibility to present his/her attendance (yellow slip) form to each of his/her teachers. 

     According to Prince George’s County Public Schools’ Administrative Procedure 5121.3, Assessment and Grading for All Secondary School Programs, “students who are considered lawfully absent from school will have the opportunity to make up missed work in a timely fashion (a maximum of three (3) days for each day’s absence).  Students who fail to complete missed work in a timely fashion will receive “zero” grades for those assignments. 

     We will gladly discuss any of the above information or any questions or concerns you may have regarding our program or your child.  Please sign and return the next page. Do not forget to sign up for Edmodo.  These are your 3rd & 4th homework assignments! Yes it will count as a grade!

     Sincerely,  The Amazing LHS Physical Education Staff