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    English for Speakers of Other Languages


    English for Speakers of Other Languages provides small group instruction of bilingual students. The major goals of the ESOL program are:

    • Teaching students English to successfully function in the regular classroom through listening to, speaking, reading, writing and English
    • Providing intensive basic skills instruction to those who have had little or no previous schooling
    • Counseling those who are adjusting to a new school and community environment
    • Assessing those suspected of having a handicapping condition.
    • Minimizing linguistic and cultural barriers to enable parents to participate in their children’s education


    Title 1


    Lamont Elementary School is a schoolwide Title 1 school.  Title 1 is a federally funded program reauthorized by the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001(NCLB). All Title 1 schools benefit from centralized program services that include; instructional support, professional development, technology support, and parent involvement initiatives. Schools are required, by law, to develop school-parent compacts that define both school and home responsibilities for improving student achievement. Please visit the Prince George's County Title One website for more information.


    Reading/Language Arts


    Lamont Elementary School follows the Prince George's County Public Schools Reading/English Language Arts Curriculum.  Our Reading/Language Arts program is aligned with the Reading /English Language Arts Voluntary State Curriculum (VSC) prepared by the Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE). Reading/Language Arts is taught according to the following Standards: General Reading Processes, Comprehension of Informational Text, Comprehension of Literary Text, Writing, Controlling Language, Listening, and Speaking. Our Reading/Language Arts program focuses on teaching our students how to apply reading strategies in order to attain highly skilled readers and writers who will be able to communicate effectively throughout their academic and professional life.




    The goal of the Lamont Elementary mathematics program is for all students to achieve mathematical proficiency by developing both conceptual understanding and procedural fluency. The end result is for all students to have the ability to think and reason mathematically and use mathematics to solve problems in authentic contexts.

    The concepts of mathematics are organized under six strands: Algebra/Patterns/Functions, Geometry, Number Relationships and Computation, Measurement, Statistics and Probability. These concepts are developed through the four mathematical processes – Problem Solving, Communication, Reasoning and Connections.



    The goal of the Lamont Elementary science program is for all students to achieve science proficiency by developing both conceptual and inquiry based understanding. The end result is for all students to have the ability to think and reason science.


    Pre-K Program


     The Pre-K program provides education for four-year-old children. The goal of the Pre-K program is to provide developmentally appropriate learning experiences and opportunities that help children develop abilities and learn concepts necessary for successful school performance.


    Special Education / CRI


    The Special Education Team, (IEP Team), is responsible for evaluating and developing educational programs for students identified as having a disability under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act.
    The IEP Team must consider all information that will enable them to develop positive behavioral and educational supports and interventions. These supports are part of the Individual Education Plan, (IEP), which enables students with disabilities to achieve success with appropriate grade level curriculum.
    Here at Lamont, the Special Education staff works with, and provides support to teachers as they strive to teach every child in their care. We focus on the strengths of each child, and provide strategies and learning opportunities to develop areas of weakness. As we collaborate with teachers, we aim to provide the very best service to our students with disabilities to help them achieve success in learning.
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