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     2013-2014 Kettering Elementary School Write-A-Book Information

    Mark you calendar for our annual Book Binding Workshop!!
    Thursday, January 9, 2014
    6:00 P.M. - 7:00 P.M.
    Media Center
    Questions??? Contact Mrs. Lacey at or 301-808-5977.




    Write-A-Book Categories

    (Grades PreK – 5)


     Picture Story Book

    Ø      Illustrations on each page

    Ø      Limited or no text on each page

    Ø      Minimum number of pages: 10

     Illustrated Fiction 

    Ø      Text with limited illustrations

    Ø      Maximum number of illustrations: 5

    Ø      Minimum number of pages: 15

                   (including illustrations)



    Ø      Illustrations are optional

    Ø      Minimum number of pages:

           10 (including illustrations)


    Ø      Text with limited illustrations and/or


    Ø      Minimum number of pages:

           15 (including illustrations)



                         Minimum and maximum number of pages refers to the body of the book.


    Entry Groups


    Group (2-5 students)

    Class-produced, teacher-guided

    (Picture Story, Poetry, or Non-Fiction categories only)


    * For each of the categories listed, each school may submit four qualified individual, four qualified group, and four qualified class-produced books for each grade level.

    Write-A-Book General Rules

    1. Only books produced by students in Prince George’s County Public Schools are eligible for entry in the competition.

    1. Books must be written during the current school year.

    1. Any book produced by a group will be judged in the division to which the student in the highest grade-level belongs.  A group consists of no fewer than two and no more than five students.

    1. All stories and illustrations must be the original work of the student.

    5.  Text must be legibly hand printed or typed on the computer and printed on computer paper (not lined/loose-leaf paper).  Computer-assisted drawings must be original (no Clip Art permitted).  If any drawing software is used, the name of the software must be included on the entry form.

          6.   If the text is typed, the font must be no smaller than 12 and no larger than 14. There is anexception. The font may be larger than 14 in the Picture
                Story Book and Poetry Categories; and for headings and titles only.

    7.  Books must be edited with appropriate grammar, spelling and punctuation. There can be no profanity, sexually explicit situations and excessive violence.

    8.   Foreign language entries will be accepted with a clearly written and complete translation included each page or as part of an appendix.

    9.   Pages in each book should be numbered.  Books should contain no more than 30 numbered pages, including illustrations/photographs.                
          This does not include translation, bibliography, footnote pages, title page, fly sheet, author’s biography, or appendices.

    10.   The size of the finished book may be no larger than 10” x 12” and no smaller than 5” x 8.”

    11.   Students must securely bind books with hard-back covers that do not bend (examples: corrugated cardboard, foam board).  No folders, photograph        albums, rings or loose-leaf bindings  will be accepted.

    12.    Photographs are permitted in the non-fiction category only.   Any photograph or artwork that is scanned into a Write-A-Book entry must be available
             to judges upon request.

     13.    Any books that do not follow all of the rules and guidelines of the competition will be returned to the schools without being judged.   The decision of          the judges will be final.

     14.   All entries must be received by the date set by the Office of Library Media Services.


    Write-A-Book Bookbinding Directions

    1.  Stack your book pages in the binding order after you  
        have completed writing and illustrating the book.  Don’t
        forget to add a blank sheet before the title page  
    and at
        the end of the book.  

    Staple or sew the pages together.     

    3.  Cut two pieces of cardboard ¼ inch larger than you
         book's pages.  Tape them together leaving ½ inch
         space  between the cardboard pieces.  (Don’t forget to
         use heavy duty cardboard and tape such as duct tape.)
    not use cardboard that will bend. 

    4.  Cover the cardboard with contact paper or glue-on

          wallpaper.  Cut the edges at each corner before turning
    e edges over the cardboard.

    5.   Use heavy duty tape to attach the book pages to the
        center spine of the cover, from the front and back

    6.   Glue construction paper to the inside front and back
        covers to give a finished look.