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10 Tips for Virtual Learning Like a Pro!

10 Tips for Virtual Learning Like a Pro!

  • For Parents |
  • August 27, 2020

These quick tips will help students be prepared and ready for distance learning success!

1. Set up your learning space away from distractions, near an outlet and in an area that is well lit.

2. Be punctual. ‘On time’ is late. Make a habit to be logged into your computer and ready to join your ‘Zoom room’ or to engage in classwork at least five minutes before the class start time. 

3. Check your school’s website and PGCPS email account early and often. They are the gateway to important information!

4. Bookmark often-visited destinations: Gmail, your school’s website, online textbook portals, the SchoolMax family portal, PGCPS calendar, educational sites like IXL, Khan Academy and more. 

5. Keep track of device and app passwords, Zoom classroom codes, syllabi, important email addresses and other key information in one place. Post them near your learning space for quick access.

6. Use an agenda or calendar to keep track of school assignments and due dates.

7. Display your full name on-screen during Zoom and other videoconferenced classes. This helps teachers take attendance and better engage with your group.

8. Always mute. Make it a habit to keep your microphone turned off on video conferences unless a teacher has called on you to ask a question or invited you to join the dialogue. 

9. Maintain a routine. Resist the urge to stay in bed. Get up, get dressed and get ready to plug into learning!

10. Keep up with nutrition! Take advantage of built-in breaks to your schedule to grab a healthy snack. Our breakfast and lunch pickups and deliveries can also help with meal planning. Learn more about meals during distance learning.